Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3 returns to Netflix on May 19 and it’s tackling subjects like politics, racism, and feminism with a unique brand of humor.

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ season 3 review:

In many ways Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3 feels just like the seasons before it. The series is undoubtedly binge worthy and unlike any other comedies. Kimmy, Titus, and their friends are funny without trying to be, flawed, and very quirky.

After tackling getting her GED, Kimmy is ready to take on the next big step in her life – going to college. But first, there are plenty of obstacles in her way. She has to figure out what she wants to actually do with her life. It’s not uncommon for people these days to put off going to school.

But of course Kimmy has the twist in her life that many others don’t, being kidnapped and held against her will. Since she hasn’t had time to think about what she wants to be or prepare for it, Kimmy has a short amount of time to do what many would do in the years of high school. She takes to the city to gain the experiences robbed of her to beef up her college application and hilarity ensues.

Before Kimmy can start college though, she has plenty of obstacles to overcome. Like where is her college fund going to come from? And just when Kimmy thinks she’s moving on with her life the reverend Richard is back to be his awful self. Plus, her fellow abductees need Kimmy too.

The series isn’t just about Kimmy though, her friends have troubles of their own. Lillian is taking on the city council and showing how hard it is to make a difference. Of course, she’s kind of backwards trying to help her community by keeping it the same, but it’s a funny way to view the political game.

Even though the series doesn’t directly take on the rough election and the result of it, Titus is thrown into an interesting situation that exposes some extreme beliefs. Titus just wants to make money and doesn’t really care about politics at all, he explains.

It’s funny to see him partaking in something that helps conservatives but also shows the consequences of not paying attention all without making the topic seem overbearing. For those interested in politics, they’ll have a nice laugh at it. For those not really interested in politics, maybe they’ll get an ‘Ah ha’ moment but even if they don’t they won’t be bothered by the inclusion.

Modern day feminism, and how confusing it can sometimes be, is also tackled as Kimmy tries to make college aged friends. She doesn’t get all of the new rules around being politically correct that seem to be popping up and goes on a learning curve.

It’s partly because she’s new to the world in general, but also because she’s trying to blend in with a crowd much younger. Instead of just doing what others are saying she should be doing, Kimmy has to just take matters into her own hands and go with her gut on what’s right and wrong – even in matters of feminism.

By far, though, Titus’s musical Lemonade moments are the best part of the first half of the season. Nothing beats the mini music videos Titus makes and it’s on par with his Peeno Noir song. Plus, the slew of guest stars that appear this season just make the show even better. In my opinion, the first season of the series is still the best but season 3 is just as good as the previous one.

Will you be watching ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ season 3?

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