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The ultimate ‘Supernatural’ road trip playlist

Supernatural has the best soundtrack of any show ever. Hands down. We here at Hypable have an entire playlist devoted to all of the fantastic music we’ve heard on the show, and we decided that it’s time to share it with all of you!

The show’s classic rock/Americana soundtrack vibe fits perfectly with the cross-country road tripping that the Winchesters do week in and week out. According to Eric Kripke:

There’s a real energy in the Midwest to miles and miles of flat farmland and two-lane blacktops that stretches into infinity and you’re jamming classic rock as loud as it can go. There’s something so mythic, so American about that, and that’s the energy I wanted the show to have.

We honestly couldn’t have said it better ourselves. The music on Supernatural just fits the tone of the show so perfectly. Plus, it has had such a musical impact on our lives that whenever we hear songs like “Eye of the Tiger” and “Carry On Wayward Son,” we can’t help but immediately think of the show, and how much we love it. That’s why we put together this Winchester-approved road trip playlist.

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Supernatural Greatest Hits of Mullet Rock

Last week, we brought you a Supernatural roadtrip guide, so we thought that it was only fitting to give you the perfect soundtrack for said roadtrip this week. We’ve picked the music and now we’re going to shut our cakeholes. Without further ado, check out Hypable’s ultimate Supernatural road trip playlist (aka “The Greatest Hits of Mullet Rock”).

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Side A

1. “Back in Black”

This song is the perfect song to kick off your road trip. The guitar riffs and the almost scream-like quality of the lyrics are sure to get you excited to drive.

2. “Burnin’ for You”
Blue Oyster Cult

The whole first verse talks all about home and traveling, making it perfect for a road trip. Plus, it’s so easy just to get lost in guitar and bass lines.

3. “Long Train Running”
The Doobie Brothers

Maybe it’s just us, but there’s just something so repetitively rhythmic about the drums and guitars in this song that makes you feel ling you’re riding on a train.

4. “Hot Blooded”

“Hot Blooded” is one of the best songs on this playlist to just totally rock out to. If you’re not singing the chorus at the top of your lungs, you’re not doing it right.

5. “Bad Moon Rising”
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Who could forget the juxtaposition of this song and the car crash that ended Supernatural season 1? It still gives us chills (in a good way).

Side B

1. “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”
Blue Oyster Cult

First of all, this is just an awesome song. Second of all, the cowbell. You can never have too much cowbell. Just be careful not to air-cowbell too much while driving.

2. “Renegade”

The melodic opening, complete with a faint background heartbeat, and its sudden transition into a more upbeat groove worked perfectly with the end of “Nightshifter.” It’s definitely one of the show’s most memorable musical moments.

3. “Ramblin’ Man”
The Allman Brothers Band

Upbeat and fun to sing along to, this song works great on long, boring stretches of open highway. When you listen to this while driving, you almost feel like a “Ramblin’ Man” yourself.

4. “The House of the Rising Sun”
The Animals

We get chills just listening to this song. You can’t have a classic rock/”greatest hits of mullet rock” playlist without some version of this song.

5. “Bad Company”
Bad Company

Out of all of the songs that have ever been featured on Supernatural, “Bad Company” is one of the ones that seems to perfectly narrate and match everything that’s going on. When it played in that scene with Meg in season 1, it was utter perfection.

Side C

1. “Highway to Hell”

This song is pretty much a road trip anthem by itself. The energetic choruses and all of the talk about traveling will definitely make driving feel less monotonous.

2. “Fire of Unknown Origin”
Blue Oyster Cult

Even though it’s not the best Blue Oyster Cult song ever, Dean’s short rendition of it in “Hell House” is enough to get it on this list. It has a great beat that’s fun to drive to.

3. “Eye of the Tiger”

Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles dancing and lip-syncing on and in the Metallicar. Seriously people, need we say more? Just click on the song title to relive that glorious outtake.

4. “Slow Ride”

You know that, at some point during your trip, your body’s going to start to ache and tense up. Constant repetition of “slow ride, take it easy” is the perfect antidote.

5. “Wanted Dead or Alive”
Bon Jovi

Our hearts broke as the two brothers sang along to this song at the end of season 3. It’s just a fantastic ballad. As Dean says, “Bon Jovi rocks… on occasion.”

Side D

1. “More Than a Feeling”

Ok, so maybe this song hasn’t been on Supernatural yet but it definitely should be. It’s one of the best and most-loved classic rock songs. We know that Dean likes Boston, so we can assume he likes this single.

2. “Cold as Ice”

Hopefully your road trip isn’t as awkward as Dean’s trip back to Harvelle’s Roadhouse from Chicago where he used Jo as bait to catch H.H. Holmes’ spirit. If it is, definitely fast forward to this track.

3. “Born to Be Wild”

This one will definitely keep you alert and, depending on your friends, may even provide you with a laugh or two. Nobody can resist the pure fun that is “Born to be Wild.”

4. “Traveling Riverside Blues”
Led Zeppelin

This song hasn’t played on Supernatural either but, in “The Monster at the End of This Book,” Dean calls this tune out as one of his all-time favorites. That’s reason alone to play it while driving across the country.

5. “Carry On Wayward Son”

We had debated on making this the very first song on the playlist but decided it was better suited as the final song, especially since it makes an appearance at the end of each Supernatural season. It’s just so epic.

What have been your favorite songs or musical moments on Supernatural?

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