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The ultimate ‘Gossip Girl’ playlist

‘Good Girls Go Bad’ by Cobra Starship

How could a track that Leighton Meester appears on not make it onto our Gossip Girl playlist? It’s such a fun and upbeat song, perfect for a party (even a party thrown by a certain vixen named Georgina). Besides, is it not an anthem for all Upper East Side girls?

‘Bitch’ by the Plasticines

As you can maybe tell, we’re a sucker for rockin’ bass lines and tunes about the ladies. This one perfectly sums up all of the young women on the show who are just trying to find their way without getting stepped on too much. This song allows all of us ladies to own the term “bitch.”

‘Whatcha Say’ by Jason Derulo

Here’s the scene: The entire Humphrey/Van der Woodsen family at the Thanksgiving table with pretty much the entire Gossip Girl cast. Drama, of course ensues. This song choice was perfect not only for the scene but for the show in general.

‘The Only Exception’ by Paramore

It’s always a notable scene when a Paramore song starts playing. It set the perfect mood for a tender moment, more than earning it’s place on our Gossip Girl playlist.

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‘Stripper’ by The Sohodolls

While the melody may be the most recognizable part of this song, it’s still totally worth putting on your playlist. After all, the scene where Blair strips off a bit of her clothing on the stage in Victrola is one of the most memorable of the series.

‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga

Though there may have been one or two more of her songs featured on Gossip Girl, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” had to make our playlist for the sheer fact that she performed it on the show. In fact, she had a whole episode pretty much built around her. You go, Mother Monster.

To discover more music that was featured in Gossip Girl over the years, head on over to TuneFind!

What were some of your favorite songs or musical moments on ‘Gossip Girl’?

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