Strong, independent heroine? Check. Mysterious, alluring hero? Check. Tycoon by Katy Evans won’t disappoint you.

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About ‘Tycoon’ by Katy Evans:

He wasn’t always this rich. This hot. This difficult.

Aaric Christos was a guy who protected me. Wanted me. Maybe even loved me.

That man is gone.

In his place is the most powerful real estate tycoon in the city.

He’s a cold, ruthless, aggressive businessman.

The only one who can save me and my startup from ruin.

It takes every ounce of courage to put my pride aside and ask for his help.

I didn’t expect him to offer it easily.

And he doesn’t.

Instead, he vets me harder than he’s vetted anyone.

Don’t invest in what you don’t know, he says.

He’s assessing every piece of me, to the point I’ve never felt so bare.

I yearn for the boy I once knew, whose touch once craved me.

Putting it all on the line will be worth it, I tell myself.

Until I realize—too late—that some risks are not worth taking.

‘Tycoon’ by Katy Evans review:

Katy Evans is an exceptional author that I’ve been following for several years now. Her contemporary romance novels always tend to have an edge to them. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them dark, but they’re definitely not light and fluffy.

There’s just enough drama and sadness to leave its mark on the reader and make them stand out, while still being accessible to the average reader who may be turned off by really dark novels.

Tycoon does have the typical edge that I’m used to seeing from Katy Evans. Thinking about some of the things Bryn and Christos suffered through leaves me with a bit of a heartache even days later. It’s a testament to the author’s craft that her stories have such an impact on the reader.

I’m always a sucker for strong female characters and Bryn definitely had my admiration. She’s going through a bit of a rough patch in life, barely employed and selling her things to get by, but that doesn’t put a damper on her spirit.

Bryn is determined to get her business started up and knows that it can be a success. Unfortunately, she has to go through some less traditional means in order to get the cash flow needed — including calling in a favor with an old friend.

Honestly, it took me a bit longer to connect with Christos than Bryn, but it may have been intended that way. Until you get into his flashbacks and learn about everything he went through after moving away from the town they grew up in, he’s a bit of an enigma.

It’s also obvious that he doesn’t want to admit how much Bryn really means to him. Once all his barriers come down, it’s clear that Christos really does deserve someone as amazing as Bryn.

I can’t wait for Katy’s upcoming projects, including the spinoff of The Real series, Racer, which releases August 7!

Tycoon by Katy Evans is available June 20! Order it now on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks! And don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads!

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