Katy Evans is back with a brand new contemporary romance, Tycoon. Get a sneak peek at the novel with our exclusive excerpt!

About ‘Tycoon’ by Katy Evans:

He wasn’t always this rich. This hot. This difficult.

Aaric Christos was a guy who protected me. Wanted me. Maybe even loved me.

That man is gone.

In his place is the most powerful real estate tycoon in the city.

He’s a cold, ruthless, aggressive businessman.

The only one who can save me and my startup from ruin.

It takes every ounce of courage to put my pride aside and ask for his help.

I didn’t expect him to offer it easily.

And he doesn’t.

Instead, he vets me harder than he’s vetted anyone.

Don’t invest in what you don’t know, he says.

He’s assessing every piece of me, to the point I’ve never felt so bare.

I yearn for the boy I once knew, whose touch once craved me.

Putting it all on the line will be worth it, I tell myself.

Until I realize — too late — that some risks are not worth taking.

‘Tycoon’ by Katy Evans exclusive excerpt:

12 years ago

She finds me out on the roof while the party disperses inside. I’m staring at the lake in the distance, an empty bottle in my hand.

Bryn walks forward, her steps tentative. It’s as if she thinks I’ll ask her to leave. No. I’d never ask her to leave. I crave her too much to want her anywhere but near me.

“Are you out here all alone because you’re avoiding saying goodbye to me?” she asks.

Her mouth drives me crazy when she speaks. I try to pull my head on straight and shake it. “Nah.” I smile.

She frowns at me. She’s always told me I’m very elusive and stubborn, the one man she can never read. “I’ll leave. Really. If you don’t want me here.”

“Don’t leave. Come here, bit.” I scoot over.


“You’re a small little thing. Much more trouble than you look.”

“I’m not trouble.”

“The places you take a guy’s thoughts . . . pure trouble, bit.”

She smiles happily, and takes a seat next to me, and thanks to the wind, her hair flies across my face. I brush it back, trying not to snatch it between my fingers. “You going to miss anything about here?” she asks me.

“I’m going to miss you.” I smile. “Hey, you sad?”

Her eyes shadow, but she shakes it off. “What? You think I’d miss you?” she scoffs.

I nod soberly. “I’d take you with me if I could.”

“I wouldn’t go.” She wrinkles her nose.

“You would if I asked you to.” I smile, and she laughs, then we fall silent.

“I guess this is the last time I see you, huh,” she says.

I look at her closely. If anything in this goddamned world would prompt me to stay here—it’s her. But there’s a job for me in Dallas, an opportunity for me to grow. “Don’t change, bit.”

“I’ll try. And you. Be good, Aaric. The line you walk is far too fine.”

I laugh. She glances at the skyline, as if realizing it’s too late. People have already left the party.

“Have a good life,” she says, clapping her hands once. As if that’s that.

I frown. “Jesus. I might see you one day.”

“Really? I’m not sure you will.”

“I might look you up one damn day.”


“To prove to you that I can. To show you how far I’m going to have come.”

“You’ll want to show off what a big shot you are.”

“That’s right.” I wink. “Bye, bit.”

Her eyes water and when I rise to my feet and draw her into my arms—for the first and last time, really—she sobs into my shoulder and can’t seem to say it back.

Tycoon by Katy Evans will be released on June 20. Order it now on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. And don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads!

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