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TXT pre-debut days: 10 things we learned from ‘TALK X TODAY: ZERO’

TALK X TODAY: ZERO has given fans an inside look at TXT’s pre-debut days, as they prepared to become super rookies.

Pre-debut TXT’s first trip together:

Before their debut, TXT all traveled to Los Angeles together to get more dance training. Although this isn’t news to fans, it was cute to learn that this was the first time they all traveled outside of South Korea together.

To commemorate the occasion, they also decided to wear matching shirts on their flight. Yeonjun, Taehyun, and Huening Kai were the only TXT members who had been to America previously before the trip (Huening Kai was actually born in Hawaii!).

The Chois:

Having never been to the United States before, it was a little confusing for Soobin and Beomgyu when they had to sign up for things on their own. They got to have a laugh together after the other members reminded them that their name is written out the opposite way in America.

Pre-debut TXT’s filled schedule:

To get ready for what was to come, pre-debut TXT would take choreography lessons in private before going to group lessons. Usually, they would take breaks for lunch or resting before heading to their second lesson of the day.

In their lessons, they were exposed to different styles of dance to expand their knowledge. Not surprisingly, Yeonjun excelled in the dance lessons. By the time they were done for the day, it was sometimes already dark out.

Beomgyu in black:

Black really was Beomgyu’s color in pre-debut TXT days! Fans have seen pictures of the boys from then a few times previously, and it really is evident how much Beomgyu’s style has changed since they filmed TALK X TODAY: ZERO.

Dodgers game:

During some time off, the boys went to go see the LA Dodgers. For some of them, it was their first time at a game — including Huening Kai and Soobin. Yeonjun also talked about filming a commercial with Ryu Hyunjin, while Hueuning Kai talked about playing basketball for four years.

Cooking hyungs:

When pre-debut TXT wasn’t going out to eat, they cooked meals for themselves at their rental apartment. All the boys would congregate together in the kitchen to help with the process.

Usually, Yeonjun, Soobin, and Beomgyu would man the stove to make dinner while Taehyung and Huening Kai took on some of the other tasks to help. It’s always cute to see how the older boys take care of their little brothers.

Six Flags:

Pre-debut TXT definitely enjoyed their time off. The boys took a break from dance lessons to head to the theme park and enjoy some rides.

Of course, some of the boys were more into the scarier rides than others. Yeonjun and Beomgyu seemed especially excited for some of the big roller coasters. They also played games to win prizes, took bets, and enjoyed lunch together.

Yeonjun’s English:

When pre-debut TXT was out and about, Yeonjun often took the lead when it came to speaking English with locals. Having lived in the United States previously, he seemed to be the most comfortable with his English at the time.

Of course, Huening Kai and Taehyun’s English skills were already well off, too. Perhaps, Yeonjun being the eldest hyung also gave him a boost of confidence.


Even before they debuted, TXT was already all about their team. They showed it throughout TALK X TODAY: ZERO with everything they did together.

They always made sure everyone was pulling their own weight while also helping each other when they needed it. They also showed it in cuter moments, like when they all decided to buy team bracelets on their trip to the beach.

Spoiler alert:

Big Hit went through great lengths to keep their new group’s name under wraps until they were ready to announce it. But pre-debut Taehyun really wrote their name on the beach in Santa Monica without worry! We do love spoiler fairies.

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What was your favorite moment of pre-debut TXT in ‘TALK X TODAY: ZERO’?

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