1:40 pm EST, September 29, 2015

Twitter planning to remove 140-character limit on tweets

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By Andrew Sims | Edited by Karen Rought

Twitter is currently developing an update for the social media site that will allow users to write content longer than 140 characters.

According to Re/code, a reliable source for tech news, Twitter is working on a new feature that will “enable Twitter users to publish long-form content to the service.”

Development on the long-requested feature has heated up in recent months thanks to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey returning to the company as interim CEO. With Jack back at the helm, “the company has been exploring new ways to grow its user base.” One employee at Twitter told Re/code that Jack’s approval of longer-form content has made the team feel more comfortable with introducing such a large change.

In addition to support for “long-form content,” Twitter is looking at other ways to maximize the amount of characters you can use in a tweet. Re/code says they’re “discussing the idea of tweaking how Twitter measures its 140-character limit by removing things like links and user handles from the count.”

Twitter has always been unique thanks to its easily-digestible content, so allowing users to write longer posts will be a huge change for the site. We think their challenge will be making Twitter still feel like Twitter after the update. Will we be able to quickly scroll through tweets without having to look at long messages from those who love to vomit words?

Here’s an idea for Twitter: Limit the number of characters we can see in each tweet to 140 characters, and give us the option to click “read more” if the tweet goes beyond 140. This way, we won’t be forced to scroll through long posts from our wordy friends.

Last month Twitter removed character limits for private messaging, signaling their interest in opening up the character floodgates.

The news from Twitter follows two other recent announcements from other social networks: Instagram removed the square rule on photos, and Facebook announced they’re developing a dislike button. What a time to be alive!

Source: Re/code

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