Eclipse – Book Themes

Choices and Priorities

“Making choices” and “figuring out what one’s priorities are” are two major themes in the third book of the Twilight series. As a love-struck teenager willing to sacrifice herself for the man she loves, Bella stands beside Edward and wishes to become a vampire in order to live with him in immortality, but that choice has a risk: losing Jacob and the friendship she cherishes with him. Bella, madly in love and firmly committed to staying with Edward, must decide in Eclipse to make the right choice for herself and her future.

Staying with Edward seems inevitable, but Bella is somehow unable to give up on the friendship with Jacob that is very important to her. It seems as though Bella wants the best of both worlds–to forever live in bliss with the love of her life and hold onto her relationship with Jacob. Throughout the course of the novel, Bella is forced to make difficult choices and realize what her priorities are.


Acceptance is a prevalent theme in Eclipse. Although both Edward and Jacob are willing to duke it out over their love of Bella, both guys must work together in order to defeat the bigger enemy- Victoria and her clan of vampire children. The tension between Edward, the current boyfriend, and Jake, the wanna-be boyfriend, is strong (let’s just say we can smell the testosterone in the air), but both are willing to put aside their differences in order to help save Bella.


Love, of course, is a present theme in Eclipse. The love Bella and Edward share for each other is pure and now means the two can be together instead of trying to stay apart. The love Jacob has for Bella is strong and allows him to go to great lengths in order to protect the woman he loves. Love is also present throughout the Cullen clan. The familial love they share for each other causes a great deal of protectiveness and respect. Throughout the course of the novel, Eclipse demonstrates different types of love: true love, family love, and friendship love.

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