Eclipse – Book Plot

The third book in the Twilight Saga begins with Bella Swan planning her future with Edward Cullen and struggling with her need to see her best friend, and werewolf, Jacob Black. Alarming news surfaces when Seattle is plagued by a series of mysterious murders which Edward believes could be the doing of newly created vampires (newborns) who cannot control their temptations for blood. Alice (Cullen) also has a vision of Victoria around the perimeters of Forks. She has returned to seek revenge for the death of her mate James by killing Bella. This causes concerns in the present for Bella as she contemplates her future.

Bella visits her mother in Florida with Edward who is eager to get her away from the dangers of Forks. Back in town, Charlie shares his eagerness for Bella to hang out with Jacob in La Push. Bella does, even though Edward is worried about her safety around the unpredictable werewolves. Bella punches him in anger. Edward then has problems with Jacob. Soon after their altercation Bella attempts to sleep with Edward while she is still human. He reluctantly tells Bella he will do this but they must be married first and she finally agrees to marry him.

The Cullens, along with Bella, connect the newborn army to Victoria and decide they will have to fight them to protect Bella. The Denali Coven decline the Cullens’ call for help and they therefore join forces with the werewolves from La Push. Together they train and strategize with the help of former soldier and newborn expert Jasper. As they prepare to fight, Bella, Edward, Jacob, and fellow werewolf Seth Clearwater retreat to a mountain to keep Bella away from the fight. Later, Jacob finds out Bella is engaged and warns her he might as well kill himself because she does not love him. Bella offers to kiss Jacob if he promises to come back and he agrees. They kiss with Bella finally accepting that she loves him. Edward finds out they have kissed, but is not angry about it. This provides Bella with the realization that Edward is the one she loves the most.

Victoria and her partner Riley find their location in the mountains. With the help of Seth, who kills Riley, Edward manages to kill Victoria. The army are also defeated by the Cullens and Quileute werewolves, with Jacob being the only one seriously injured when he saves Leah Clearwater from a newborn. Carlisle manages to save him and gain trust from the werewolves. The Volturi arrive too late to destroy the army and remind the Cullens and Bella that she must be changed into a vampire which Bella acknowledges will happen soon. Bella goes to visit Jacob to let him know her decision, leaving him heartbroken. He agrees to accept her relationship with Edward and she leaves to be with him.

The book ends with Alice, who knows of their engagement, making arrangements for Bella and Edward’s wedding. They decide to tell Charlie the ‘good’ news and Jacob runs away desperate to be left alone after the outcome of Bella’s chosen future.

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