Summit has announced what will be a very special event for Twilight fans this November. A Twilight Saga Marathon will be held in theaters across North America on November 15 mere hours before Breaking Dawn – Part 2!

The marathon allows fans to see all four films back-to-back leading up to a 10 p.m. screening of the final film. That means you get to see Breaking Dawn – Part 2 two hours earlier than most midnight screenings in the rest of the country.

Prices for the marathon will vary depending on theater and location, but all five films will be covered in the one price. Showtimes for the marathon will be available at the same time that individual Part 2 screenings are announced (in a couple months). Marathon ticket holders will also get to see interstitial content played in between the films and receive a special event lanyard.

Watching all five Twilight films in one day sounds like quite the commitment for fans, but Breaking Dawn eve may be the best possible day to do it. Does this sound like an event you’ll be interested in attending?

This past Friday, the final trailer for Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was released. Also be sure to check out our Twilight trailer retrospective.

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