You’ve never heard of a gay character in the Twilight books or film series — until now.

Author Stephenie Meyer retold a fun story from the set of Breaking Dawn – Part 1 to Entertainment Weekly. It involved her time filming the wedding scene in which she was an extra.

Meyer was sitting next to series producer Wyck Godfrey, who was also making a cameo, when the two dreamt up a story for his character. “I was sitting with Wyck Godfrey, who has also been there since day one, and we made up a backstory: He was a deputy policeman, and our marriage was on the rocks because he was in love with [Bella’s father] Charlie,” said Meyer.

You’ll probably never see this character in any possible Twilight books in the future, or even in an updated version of the Twilight Official Guide, but we love this small character and story.

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