The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 has long been on the DVD/Blu-ray market since last Valentine’s Day, but it looks like an Extended Edition is going to be unveiled in February.

UPDATE! This news is now official – watch a trailer and read the announcement!

Amazon France is listing Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Extended Edition with seven additional scenes (rough English translation via Google):

Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Extended Edition box art– Revised opening scene with the Volturi
– Revision of the extended flashback of a young vampire Edward Cullen
– New scene during the honeymoon
– 2 new scenes in the Cullen home
– Extended version of the fight scene between Edward/Jacob and the other werewolves
– New scene with Jacob the caregiver

The box art also appears to have leaked, which you can see to the left.

The Volturi scene, we recall, was in the final version of the film but then cut before its theatrical debut. We had seen an early version of it when visiting director Bill Condon in his editing bay in early 2011.

The DVD is listed with a February 8, 2013 release. Breaking Dawn – Part 1 hit store shelves on Valentine’s Day 2012, so we presume that Breaking Dawn – Part 2‘s DVD/Blu-ray will be made available on the same February 8 date.

This new DVD/Blu-ray has not been officially confirmed by Summit, but if it is we’ll be sure to pass along the news.

If real, are you interested in purchasing an extended version of Breaking Dawn – Part 1?

Thanks to Merina for the tip.

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