The upcoming Twilight Forever box set will include bloopers from all five movies, and today a first look at the featurette has surfaced.

The Twilight blooper reel is called “Breaking Character” on the forthcoming Twilight complete box set hitting store shelves in November. In this preview we see several moments around the set in which the cast are caught in lighthearted moments. The clips show how much fun they had between takes, or when attempting to complete a take.

Stand out moments include Rob and Kristen’s first on-camera interview for Twilight back in 2008, and Nikki Reed (Rosalie) trying to get down a hill in her heels. We also see Rob and Kristen filming moments in Twilight and Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

Watch the Twilight blooper reel preview below:

It remains to be seen just how much footage is included in “Breaking Character,” but since they have five films to work with we’re hoping it’s a very satisfactory amount of material.

It’s good to see that there is a blooper reel after all. No Twilight movie’s home entertainment release has ever included one, and fans who’ve grown to love the stars have been clamoring to see bloopers for years.

Twilight Forever will be released November 5. Check out our previous story to see a trailer.

On November 3 and 4 in New York City, Summit will host a fan event during which they’ll screen all five movies and host special guest appearances in Times Square.

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