There’s a crop of new comedy shows this fall, and we analyze which pilots look the most promising based on their trailers.

It’s that time of year again: the networks have debuted their new fall programming and schedules, and critics have begun to analyze the potential of the new shows.

Please note the use of the word ‘promising’ and not ‘best’ in regards to these new pilots. There’s room for improvement and the end of season one can look drastically different – and better- than the pilot; for example, look no further than The Mindy Project. At Hypable, we have high hopes for the following new comedy shows – the more television shows to watch, the better!- and while we’re sure some of these shows will go on to have long, fruitful series, some may not make it to Christmas. For a list of the least promising shows, be sure to check back here tomorrow, as well as the least and most promising drama shows over the next few days.

I didn’t mean to choose at least one comedy from each network, but it would be very unusual to have one network be completely shut out from this pool, and with it being a record-breaking year for comedy pilot orders, the ratings rat-race will be as fierce as ever come September. Without further adieu, here is a preview of the most promising new comedy shows for the fall 2013 season.

The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)

This makes the list because while it may not be ROFL-worthy yet, it does have tons of promise. As was the theme with many new shows the networks picked up, Michael J. Fox is funny, charming, and a proven winner. NBC knows they’re not taking a huge risk with this, and their new push for broader, more family-oriented comedy should be refreshing for most viewers. With fan-favorites The Office and 30 Rock both ending this past season, NBC’s oldest comedy is Parks and Recreation, which is only entering it’s sixth season itself.

Fox’s willingness to poke fun at himself and the world of television makes this trailer entertaining rather than cheap cringe-worthy jokes, as so many comedy shows quickly turn to.

The Crazy Ones (CBS)

I don’t know where to begin to discuss this show. It stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellear, a father-daughter duo who work in the world of advertising. Before you think you’ll see Robin William’s character, Simon Roberts, emulating a modern-day Don Draper, it’s important to clarify this is not Mad Men; there are no ephionies about how to sell the Kodak Carousel, no, this is a much more lighter and comedic take on the industry. From the preview below, we can see there is potential. The cast is funny, and they have Kelly Clarkson as a guest star in the pilot singing a provocative song about McDonalds.

Do I think this will be winning any Emmy’s next year? Probably not. But it looks like a show a wide audience will thoroughly enjoy come fall.

Mom (CBS)

Say what you will about Chuck Lorre, but he has got a strangely winning formula to create new comedies. Allison Janney stars as Bonnie, the mother to Anna Faris’ Christy. An ex-alcoholic with a dysfunctional relationship with her mother, raising two kids alone, Christy’s life is going in all sorts of directions, which leads to certain promising moments in the trailer.

With Two and a Half Men‘s glory day’s behind it and The Big Bang Theory probably at the height of it’s ratings reign, it will be nice to see this female-driven comedy come fall.

Super Fun Night (ABC)

Rebel Wilson has graced us with her presence in so many fantastic movies, it’ll be interesting (and undoubtedly, funny) to see if and/or how well her comedic skills hold up on a week to week basis. ABC certainly seems to have a lot of faith in this show, as it’ll have Modern Family as it’s lead in this fall season. My only reservation with Super Fun Night would be it’s lack of a seemingly strong seasonal direction. Though, by the looks of it, this show would be funny, regardless of the antics and stunts shown in the clip.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)

The trailer for this show doesn’t show any promise until halfway through. Dependent on your comedic preferences, you may really love, or really not love this show. While Andy Samberg seems to play the goofy screw-up of a detective, he actually plays the goofy-but-fantastic detective – what a twist! Cop shows aren’t usually comedic, but judging by this trailer, this is a workplace comedy about people who just happens to investigate crimes. Andre Braugher also stars as the new captain of the precinct who puts the screws to Samberg’s character, Jake Peralta, and wants him to grow up and “respect the badge.”

Last year, only two comedies lived to see season two: The Mindy Project and inexplicably, The Neighbors – seriously, if you watch the latter show, please let me know in the comments why, I’m genuinely curious. Creating and getting a show on air is ridiculously hard and regardless of how good or bad it may be, countless hours of work went into it and it’s important to recognize all the cast and crew do for their shows.

Is there a new comedy show that you are looking forward to this season?

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