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For Valentine’s Day, these TV ships need to sink or sail

For these TV ships this Valentine's Day, love is in the air, but it is also burning to the ground.

Which TV couples need to make it official, and which ones need to call it quits?

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the joy and happiness that comes from couples falling in love and couples falling apart, because not all relationships are built to last, and some should never have been built in the first place.

Here are ten TV ships that need to sail and sink this Valentine’s Day.

Ships that need to sail

Hayley & Elijah – ‘The Originals’

the originals hayley marshall elijah mikaelson

Season 3 spoilers: If you’re not caught up on The Originals stop now. Seriously, go away. So you’re caught up? Okay, good.

Now that Jackson is dead, Hayley is free to finally act on her feelings for Elijah. Insensitive? Maybe. But we all knew Jackson’s time was limited. His marriage to Hayley was just a bump in the road for the OTP, Haylijah. It’ll take time though. Elijah, being the classy gentleman that he is, will allow Hayley to mourn for as long as she needs before he makes his move. So Hayley, let’s go girl, time’s ticking, and so is our patience. Not to mention, Elijah will probably take a while to act even after Hayley’s ready to move on. This ship is a slow burn, that’s for sure.

Joan & Marcus – ‘Elementary’

elementary joan watson marcus bell

Maybe it’s just a friend-ship, but what if it’s more. We don’t know the age difference, maybe it’s the same as the actors’, but do you really notice? Joan and Marcus’ progression has been steady, and after being teased by a potential romance this season, we can’t help but hope it’ll happen, even if it’s just a tiny hope. Sherlock and Joan have talked about how hard it will be for her to date someone because of her job, but someone like Marcus, a cop, would understand.

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Then there’s Sherlock. Presumably he’s going to want a say in who Joan dates, and given his friendship with both Joan and Marcus, it’s possible he’d approve of the union. If he doesn’t, tough luck. We think it’d be great.

Clarke & Lexa/Bellamy – ‘The 100’

the 100 clarke bellamy lexa

Let’s put the shipping war aside for the sake of Clarke. We love Clarke, and we just want her to find some happiness, no matter who it’s with. Right? Right.

Clarke and Lexa have a strong bond, rooted in female empowerment and respect for one another. We will ignore the fact that Clarke is angry with Lexa at the moment, and assume all will be well in given time. Then there’s Clarke and Bellamy, who have a speckled history that grew into tender love, and care for each other. Whether either of these relationships will grow into a romantic one is anyone’s guess. It’s possible Clarke will fall in love with someone entirely different. But Bellamy and Lexa are our best hope so far.

Nygma & Cobblepot – ‘Gotham’

gotham oswald cobblepot edward nygma

This ship needs more masts and sails, because everyone is all aboard, but it hasn’t left the port yet. It’s a friend-ship of the ages, a friend-ship to end a thousand friendships (literally, they make a good murder team).

We’ve gotten a taste of the Nygma-Cobblepot pairing, but we’re hungry for more. When confined to one room, they were a delight to watch interact, so imagine the possibilities outside of that room, the fun they could have, the murders they could commit together. It’d be like the anti-Holmes and Watson. There’s much they have left to learn from each other, and here’s hoping they’ll get more chances to do so.

Peggy & Daniel – ‘Agent Carter’

agent carter peggy carter daniel sousa

They totally like each other, so enough messing about and get to it already! It’s been hard for Peggy to move on from Steve Rogers, from someone who was so supportive of her, but Daniel Sousa fits the bill nicely. He’s understanding of the work Peggy does, since he’s also in the same line of work, he’s kind, intelligent, and most importantly, he cares about Peggy and isn’t afraid to show it.

Unfortunately, these two seem to have trouble telling each other how they feel, and Daniel’s current relationship status is a slight problem. Hopefully his fiancée will turn out to be a spy, and Daniel can be with Peggy, guilty-free.

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