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TV ships that need to sink and sail Valentine’s Day 2020

Shots fired. Arrow-heart shots, that is.

This past year some of our favorite TV ships made our hearts sing, and some of your favorite TV ships made us gag.

Nothing gets a fandom more riled up than talking about their favorite (and least favorite) TV ships. It’s a battle as old as time. However long stories have been told, so too have we argued over the relationship status of fictional couples. Now, on Valentine’s Day 2020, we begin a new decade with old arguments and new ships.

Here are the TV ships from the past year that we wish would get together, stay together, and break up immediately.

TV ships to sail

Daryl and Connie – ‘The Walking Dead’

Chosen by: Katie

The Walking Dead has never been a very “shippable” show. Over the course of 10 seasons, there haven’t been many characters to ship, whether that’s because of poor character writing or just the fact that people die too quickly to develop relationships. Regardless, the show has mostly lacked in the romance department, and this drought has been particularly noticeable for one character.

Daryl Dixon is one of the most, if not the most, popular character on The Walking Dead. With that popularity comes an interest and investment in his love life, which has been a discussion point as early as season 2. Fans have been clamoring for Daryl and Carol to become official for most of the show’s run, but the showrunners only continued to tease. Now it would seem hope for Daryl and Carol is all but lost (at least for now), and must make room for a new ship: Daryl and Connie.

‘Caryl’ shippers may not want to acknowledge it, but Daryl and Connie are a much better match at this point in The Walking Dead. With Carol going off the rails, Daryl is quickly losing trust in her, while building a new bond with Connie. They’re a good match for each other. Neither is the type to seek out leadership roles, but they’re also not the type to sit out of action.

It’s clear Daryl is, at the very least, interested in Connie. They go on excursions together, he’s learning sign language to better communicate with her, and he even trusts her with his dog. If that’s not Daryl Dixon showing some love, then what is?

Jules and Rue – ‘Euphoria’

Chosen by: Karen

Jules and Rue danced around their feelings for each other before they actually took the plunge to get physical, but that by no means indicates that they’re in a monogamous relationship. And while Rue’s feelings for Jules are intense and focused, Jules is still a free spirit who likes to explore her options even while admitting how she feels about Rue.

When we last left them in Euphoria season 1, Rue had asked Jules to run away with her and then backed out at the last minute. Jules took the train alone, leaving Rue behind with an uncertain future ahead of her. Jules had admitted that she loved both Rue and Anna, and it’s clear all of this both confused and hurt Rue.

I don’t think Euphoria will have many happy moments for Rue and Jules going forward, but I do hope these two come together in some form to have a healthy relationship. If nothing else, Rue needs that kind of friend in her life in order to stay even and composed. Without it, I’m worried Rue will really fall off the deep end.

Kate and Sophie – ‘Batwoman’

Chosen by: Jay

Kate and Sophie have had a rough past on Batwoman, as Sophie rejected Kate to live the life she thought she needed to have without the privilege of being herself, like Kate had.

While Sophie is still discovering who she is, after her now-failed marriage, before the end of the season we need to see these two embrace their unrequited feelings for one another. They both still have a lot of growing to do, individually and as a couple, but there’s no reason these two can’t make it work.

Plus, Sophie is the one person who really should learn that Kate is Batwoman… once she’s not going to tell on her to Jacob.

Nick and Nancy – ‘Nancy Drew’

Chosen by: Karen

Nancy Drew season 1 isn’t even over yet and Nick and Nancy have already been through a rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to their relationship. It was all fun and games in the beginning, but then Nick caught feelings and Nancy had to turn him down. Then, when she finally opened up, they decided to be together, only for her bad habits to drive him further away.

Now, the two of them are dancing around each other awkwardly. Nancy wants to be with him, but as much as he cares about her, he can’t stand to be with someone who won’t open up to him. Now, it looks like he and George might be developing feelings for each other. Nancy also kissed Owen, though she turned down his dinner invitation.

I’m a fan of slow burns, but I don’t particularly like the stress of back-and-forth relationships. I think Nick and Nancy are ideal for each other on a lot of levels, but they both need to overcome some of their hang-ups first. Once they do that, I truly hope it’s smooth sailing from here on out.

Hope and Landon – ‘Legacies’

Chosen by: Kristen

They both deserve happiness more than just about anyone on Legacies.

Hope spent her childhood separated from three quarters of her family thanks to the Hollow and the threat it posed for any of the Mikaelson siblings to be too close to one another. And then, before she even learned to drive, she lost both her parents to supernatural shenanigans.

And Landon grew up in foster homes, never really knowing his parents or any sort of loyal family. It wasn’t until he settled in at the Salvatore School as the resident phoenix that he started to learn what it meant to have people in your life that you could count on.

So, if anyone in the TVD Universe deserves love and happiness, it’s Hope and Landon. It must also be noted that they’re pretty much perfect for each other, what with her inevitable vampiric nature taking over when she dies, and his being a phoenix that resurrects upon death. They can literally stand side by side as centuries pass, and I truly hope they make it through Legacies season 2 (and 3) without any major divisions keeping them apart.

TV ships to sink

Joe and Love – ‘You’

Chosen by: Katie

From Joe Goldberg’s perspective, Netflix’s You is all about Joe Goldberg finding the love of his life. From everyone else’s perspective, You is about Joe Goldberg obsessing over a particular woman at a given time and, at best, ruining her life, or at worst, killing her.

In season 2 of You, the apple of Joe’s eye is Love Quinn. As it turns out, Love is just as crazy as Joe, having stalked him while he was stalking her, and killed people to get closer to him. They’re a match made in Hell, perfect for each other but awful for the rest of the world.

If it actually needs to be said, Joe and Love are an unhealthy pair, who could only serve to bring out each other’s worst attributes, namely murder. For the sake of everyone around them, it would be best if they broke up, instead of feeding into each other’s crazy. Of course, there is now a baby involved, which complicates the issue. But maybe if Joe kills Love after she gives birth, the baby and Joe could have a chance of being sane.

Maddy and Nate – ‘Euphoria’

Chosen by: Katie

You’d be hard-pressed to find a ship worth rooting for on Euphoria. The show is a drama, after all. If relationships were smooth sailing, there wouldn’t be conflict, and we wouldn’t have a show. When it comes to Nate and Maddy, they clearly fall under the ‘full of drama’ category. In fact, they may just be the most unhealthy relationship on the show.

Nate and Maddy didn’t start off on the right foot. Their relationship began with a lie, when Maddy told Nate that she wasn’t a virgin before they had sex for the first time, presumably because she felt Nate would judge her and reject her if she told the truth. Not exactly the best way to set a good foundation for the beginning of a relationship. Of course, it only got worse from there.

Maddy’s instincts to not trust Nate were right. We later see how volatile Nate can get, and Maddy is not spared from it. During an argument, Nate gets physical with Maddy and grabs her by the throat. If that weren’t enough, it turns out his grip was so strong, he left bruises along her neck. He gets rough with her again after failing to perform during sex, despite the fact that she tells him it’s fine. It would seem the events of that night were enough for Maddy.

By the end of the season, Maddy and Nate agree to break up. However, these two have gone on and off so many times, it’s hard to believe they’ll really stay apart much longer. For Maddy’s sake though, they need to.

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