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Top TV Quotes include ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

The best TV quotes of the week are highlighted every Saturday on Hypable. If you want to know what was funny, sad, or snarky on TV this week, look no further.

Did your favorite show bring on the funny, the memorable, or the meta this week with quotable TV quotes? Did you laugh out loud from the words of the resident “joke machine”? Will you be making a meme from what your favorite characters said? Are their words destined to end up on a t-shirt or coffee mug?

See if our picks for favorite TV quotes of the week match your favorites!

We want to include your fandom. If we missed something, you can make sure your favorite TV quotes of the week are featured in the future by giving a suggestion to the writer who usually covers your fandom in the recap discussion of the latest episode.

‘Doctor Who’


The 4th Doctor: “If someone who knew the future, pointed out a child to you, and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?”

Forty years ago the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) first uttered those words to a young Sarah Jane Smith, his then companion, concerning the leader of the race that became his archenemy: Davros, the father of the Daleks. Now in 2015, the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is forced to reckon with these words as he is faced with exactly that very situation: meeting a young and innocent Davros. What will he do?

‘Fear the Walking Dead’


Daniel Salazar: “Men do these things not because of evil, they do evil because of fear. And at that moment I realized my father is a fool for believing there’s a difference.”

Daniel Salazar knows what it is like to live in a country torn apart by civil war, and the chaos and abuse that ensues when governmental authority is upon the brink of collapse. Everyone hunkered down to listen to this voice of experience, because if they listen to Travis, he’s probably going to get them all killed by thinking the government is going to fix it all.



Bruce Wayne: “You can’t have both happiness and the truth. You have to choose. I beg of you my son, please choose happiness. Unless you feel a calling, a true calling.”

At the end of last season, Bruce found a mysterious doorway in his father’s office. Confused as to what his father’s role was in the darker aspects of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce is desperate to find out what could be behind the door. When he finally does get the door open it leads to a cave with even more mysteries to solve and a letter from his father.

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