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TV’s All-American families that make us proud of the USA

Happy Birthday, America!

The Fourth of July is a day of fireworks and festivities, so let’s celebrate five of our favorite families that remind us of the true blue American spirit.

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The Mills Sisters — ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Abbie, Jenny, Ichabod

Abbie and Jenny have been through it all together, from losing their mother, to halting the apocalypse, to trying to squeeze a Revolutionary War soldier into skinny jeans. They’ve had their ups and downs in their relationship as they felt like they needed to keep secrets in order to protect each other, but now with everything out in the open, their bond is stronger than ever.

As different as the pragmatic Abbie and wild-child Jenny might be, they always have each other’s backs, and their fierce determination and fighting spirit reminds us what the American core that Ichabod Crane and his Revolutionary friends were fighting for really is.

The Masons — ‘Falling Skies’

Falling Skies Masons

The Second Mass militia unit has suffered through the end of the world together, but they’re still fighting tooth and nail to take back the country and planet that’s theirs. Inspired by the success of the American Revolution, former history professor Tom Mason and his boys are the idealistic glue that holds the Second Mass together.

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A family that’s suffered horrible losses amidst the alien invasion, the Masons have also found a new family amongst the survivors of the Second Mass. What’s most inspiring is how they refuse to let go of their humanity— they keep each other in check to remain true to their civilized ideals and not only fight for the survival of humanity, but to ensure that humanity is worth fighting for.

The Villanueva Women — ‘Jane the Virgin’

Jane the Virgin

Three generations of inspiring women, Jane, Xo, and Abuela Alba are a family of hardworking, empowered people who are the epitome of the American Dream. After immigrating to the United States from Latin America, Abuela Alba built a new life for her family in Miami. Since then, she realized her own dreams of raising a beautiful family, and is now watching her daughter and granddaughter work to achieve their goals as well.

Always a team, this trio of Villanueva women is the heart and soul of Jane the Virgin, and their unconditional love for each other is a reminder of what the United States can be at its best.

The West/Allen Family — ‘The Flash’

Barry Joe Iris

The Flash wouldn’t be the hero he is without the guidance of his foster father, Joe. A complicated family mashed together by a devastating past, the Wests took Barry in as one of their own, giving us one of the most genuine father/son relationships on television today. Maybe now that Iris is finally in on the secret, this trio can take back Central City for the good guys.

The Matthews — ‘Boy Meets World’

Boy Meets World Matthews

The Matthews are the quintessential nineties nuclear family. Alan and Amy were fantastic parents who loved their children, but also understood the important distinction between being a parent and being a friend. They pushed their kids out into the world, and while supporting them emotionally, they encouraged them to become their own self-supported individuals too. They were practical, no-nonsense, and most importantly, kind. And of course it didn’t hurt that they had Mr. Feeny to turn to next-door, either.

Who are your favorite All-American TV families?

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