Following last night’s intense season finale of True Blood, series creator and now former executive producer Alan Ball had much to say about the various plotlines.

Much was revealed during a lengthy interview with TV Line, so we’ve summarized several of the highlights below:

– Bill is something different now – he won’t confirm that he is a god (or Billith).
– When pressed further, Ball says that he is a transformed Bill and hasn’t forgotten memories or experiences.
– Luna did not die, but Russell definitely is gone.
– The future of Steve is still up in the air.
– The Pam/Tara kiss had been planned since the beginning of the season.
– Don’t get too comfortable with Pam/Tara – True Blood relationships always have big bumps in the road.
– Hoyt has been written out because they don’t feel like they can go anywhere else with his story.

Were you satisfied with last night’s finale?

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