One part X-Men, one part mystery, Touch by Jus Accardo is a perfect beach read. Hip, edgy characters make this book hard to put down.

In the Touch novels we are introduced to a cast of characters; some with special abilities and some not so much, but all are interesting and unique. The story is told by Dez, a teen skater girl with a chip on her shoulder the size of Texas. Dez is reckless and will do just about anything to anger her father, in fact it is almost a sport for her. Dez’s dad is not up for father of year and as the story unfolds you wonder just who he is.

Dez is not always a likable character, but she is relatable and you will want to scream at her on occasion. Accardo does an amazing job creating a character that is equally flawed and also easy to understand. Dez is everything a strong teen female should be.

Along with Dez we meet Kale and Alex. Kale is an unusual character who has limited knowledge of the world. He was kept away in a dark place for so long and has no experience with anything. Seeing him interact with Dez is very interesting and sweet. But Kale also has a dangerous side that has been used for evil, so their relationship is a delicate balance. Alex is Dez’s ex-boyfriend who is keeping secrets about their relationship and his feelings.

The story is built on layer after layer of intrigue, betrayal and mystery. Just when you think you have something figured out you’re given a new clue and everything is blown out of the water. The story is fast paced and can easily be read in one sitting. You will want to have the sequel on hand because Accardo definitely knows how to write an ending.

Touch is the first in the series followed by Toxic and the recently released Tremble. There are also two novellas Untouched and Faceless.

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