Fans of Torchwood, the Doctor Who spinoff starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles, have been dying for a continuation of the series. Showrunner, Russel T. Davies has just declared the show isn’t dead.

After the last series of Torchwood was aired in the summer of 2011, fans were left less than satisfied. The production was largely filmed in the U.S.A. as a joint project of the BBC and the STARZ Network. Many felt that the show went too Hollywood. Torchwood lost its magic which were the interpersonal relationships that occurred within the framework of the sci-fi series. There was no build to allow viewers to care about new characters before they were killed off, and the ending rendered canon purists practically apoplectic.

Despite the uneven reception, the show had decent ratings which would seem a shoe-in for renewal. Unfortunately, one of the chief reasons that the show went on hiatus was showrunner Russel T. Davies return to the UK. His long-time partner was stricken with cancer and the pair returned to the UK so that he could receive treatment from specialists. After taking several months off, Davies first foray back into showbusiness was the series Wizards vs. Aliens that is currently airing in the UK. It’s a show aimed at the under twelve crowd much as his his other Doctor Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures, was.

In speaking with UK talk show host Graham Norton, Davies clarified where Torchwood stands,”I loved making it over in the U.S. and I would have carried on if circumstances hadn’t brought me back to this country, so it’s kind of in limbo for me at the moment. It’s in a nice limbo where it can stew – those shows can come back in ten, twenty years’ time.”

If ten or twenty years were to go by, it would also certainly eliminate fan favorites John Barrowman and Eve Myles from reprising their characters.

Davies also recently clarified to the Telegraph  his involvement in the 50th anniversary plans for Doctor Who. As was the case when he was the showrunner, it’s a bit of a love hate relationship. He rather testily stated, “Don’t ask me about the 50th anniversary [in November 2013], because it’s nothing to do with me,” he says. “I’m just a happy viewer now. This’ll teach me though – I did ask BBC Books if they fancied a graphic novel, and they went, ‘No’. I sat here thinking, I could write a graphic novel, I could even draw the graphic novel, that’d be brilliant… No. There we are then, I tried.”

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