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Top information learned from the ‘Sherlock’ Comic-Con panel

Sherlock is clearly the panel of the day at Comic-Con in Ballroom 20. Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Sue Vertue made their Comic-Con debut bringing Sherlock for the first time to the crowds at San Diego.

Even though stars Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t attend due to their filming commitments to the next movie in The Hobbit franchise, the creative team made up for the actors’ absence with their passion for Sherlock.

Obviously one of the biggest questions on fans’ minds is how did Sherlock survive that fall from the roof, and who are his accomplices in his survival. Although, a close second is fans wondering if Moriarty is actually dead. Once those questions are answered, how is the relationship of Sherlock and Watson going to be affected by Sherlock’s deception? Usually Watson can be pretty forgiving, but even he has his breaking points. Sherlock may find Watson and Mrs. Hudson not so understanding.

Here are the top 10 things learned direct from the creative team:

1. On the solution to Sherlock’s survival

According to Steven Moffat, you can figure out what happened to Sherlock based upon footage we have already seen in season two.

2. The John and Sherlock reunion

Moffat says this is his favorite moment of Sherlock that he has made. He states,”It is the showstopper of the episode.” He believes this is what fans will want more than how did Sherlock survive.

3. Moriarty

Both Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat state Moriarty is really dead due to a shot through the brain. The reason it was not gorier is due to BBC standards not a trick of fake bullets.

4. Watson is not just going to forgive Sherlock

Unlike the book, TV Watson is not so forgiving. He is far more angry than book Watson. The first episode “The Empty Hearse” is very loosely based upon “The Empty House.”

5. Mycroft and Sherlock’s relationship

Even though they are really different, Mycroft does genuinely care. Sherlock is not a high-functioning sociopath. Sherlock is many things, but not a sociopath.

6. Series 4

Series 4 has been commissioned; they just have to work out the details of when this will happen. Cumberbatch and Freeman are on board.

7. Getting on with it

They wrap up the lion’s share of the Watson and Sherlock relationship rift in the 1st episode because no one wants prolonged angst. It would just sink the series.

8. Watson’s love life

John Watson will get married to the love of his life. Moffat jokes, “This information is hot off the presses of 100 years ago.” Fans were shown a clip that we can’t reveal the content of, but it is classic, superlative Sherlock that was met with cheers, sighs at poignant moments, lots of laughter, and applause.

9. Cliffhangers

They will probably end in a cliffhanger again, but not one that they have to so elaborately re-stage in flashbacks for the next season.

10. The Speckled Band

Is an episode that Moffat and Gatiss would like to do in the future. Moffat states it is one of his all time favorite stories. Gatiss calls Conan-Doyle “the best short story writer that ever lived”.

Bonus: Molly and Sherlock

According to Moffat, Molly is one of the few people Sherlock can trust. She always gets her way with him. Although there is no romance brewing,Moffat says, “Just wait until you see their next interaction.” He hints that Molly may properly tell him off.

How excited are you for the next season of ‘Sherlock’?

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