Once Upon a Time kicked off the panels on Saturday morning in Ballroom 20. Fans were excited to hear about the trip to Neverland.

The panel featured Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin, Robert Carlyle, Lana Parilla, Emilie DeRavin, Colin O’Donoghue, and Michael Raymond James.

1. On the ship

Apparently filming on the ship has been rocky and “bruise endusing” according to Lana Parilla. Ginny Goodwin made a seasick face as did Jennifer Morrison.

2. Season Format

They will air 11 episodes and then take a break and air another 11 episodes. There will not be the miss-mash that was the previous schedule.

3. On Snow White Being Positive

Ginny Goodwin says this season is about Snow finding balance, forging herself, and finding out who she is.

4. Favorite Kill

Regina’s favorite kill in the series, according to Lana Parilla, is coming up in season 3.

5. Peter Pan

We will see Peter, the Darlings, and Neverland. Tinkerbell will also be seen, but you have to believe in her. She will have a surprising connection to someone on the panel other than Hook. Peter Pan’s motivations are complicated. The creators won’t classify him as evil.

6. Love Triangles

They all hint that there may be an Emma, Hook, Neil triangle in the works.

7. Giant Perils

Jennifer Morrison bruised her lip on the giant scenes. She had to bite an inner-tube that doubled for the giant’s finger. The creators would like to see the giant back eventually.

8. Lacey

Emilie DeRavin says it was fun, and she missed playing her. She also liked the challenge of playing three at once: current Belle, flashback Belle, and Lacey. Despite the popular hashtag “Belle for Mayor,” they aren’t guaranteeing it. They also won’t guarantee if Belle and Gold will be reunited.

9. Swan Queen

When asked by a person who identified herself as a proud member of the Swan Queen shipping community if they (Horowitz and Kitsis) are writing the Swan Queen ship on purpose. Edward Kitsis says they aren’t writing anything on purpose other than two strong women who both love Henry and want the best for him.

10. Creating LGBT characters

Horowitz and Kitsis said that they will include a gay character, but they want it to be real. “We don’t want it to be part of a checklist where we check it off and say ‘OK, well we’re done with that one.'” They said that they want to honor and respect all kinds of love.

Bonus: They strongly hint that there will be an early appearance by Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Which fact is your favorite?

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