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Top 10 most frightening moments from ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead is full of thrills and chills, but what are the most frightening moments from the post-apocalyptic show? This Halloween we count down our top 10 most frightening moments from The Walking Dead.

Zombies abound on AMC’s groundbreaking horror series The Walking Dead, but they’re not always the scariest things on screen.

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10. Glenn falls into the well

Poor Glenn always finds himself as the group’s errand boy, and in this scene, Glenn is being lowered into a well on Hershel’s farm to help remove a fat, bloated walker. Things don’t go according to plan when the rope Glenn is tied to slips from its anchor and sends him within biting range of the walker. The others manage to get Glenn out, but it was a close call.

9.  Discovering the walkers in Hershel’s barn

We know that Hershel originally thought his bitten family and friends were just sick and started collecting them in his barn, but we didn’t realize it until Glenn invites Maggie to the barn for some hanky-panky. Before Maggie can warn him, Glenn discovers the walkers after climbing into an upper window. As an added surprise, Sophia was in the barn the whole time!

8. Rick and Glenn camouflage themselves with zombie guts

This may have been one of the grossest moments of The Walking Dead as well as one of the most terrifying. Anytime someone decides to walk straight into a herd of walkers is terrifying. Glenn and Rick find that the camouflage works enough, but they’re in trouble when is starts to rain.

7. Rick gets trapped in Atlanta

Rick was alone for so long, and after waking up in the hospital to a life full of more zombies than live human beings, the world is a scary place. After heading to Atlanta, Rick thought he was finally going to catch a break and meet up with other survivors, but instead he meets up with a lot more walkers than he bargained for.

His horse is eaten right from under him, and he ends up getting trapped in a military tank, with walkers surrounding him on all sides. Luckily Glenn is there to save him from being eaten alive.

6. Shane disables Otis at the school

We knew that Shane might not be the most honorable guy, but he never did anything too bad (aside from the time when Dale saw him lining up his shotgun at Rick), until he went to get medical supplies with Otis at the school. Sneaking their way through quite a few walkers, Shane and Otis look like they might be in the clear, until Shane decides Otis has to be sacrificed.

So he shoots him in the leg, and then lets him get eaten alive by zombies. We understand why Shane felt the need to do this, but we don’t understand how he could do it. Why did he shoot him in the leg and not just kill him? The walkers would have attacked him either way. In this moment, we saw the true selfish evil in Shane’s character.

5. Rick kills those two guys in the bar

While looking for Hershel in town, Rick and Glenn find him drinking in a bar. Unfortunately, a couple of other guys show up looking for people and supplies, and that puts Rick in a tricky situation. The tension is high and when the newcomers try to threaten Rick, he makes a tough decision and shoots them both dead. We really see Rick’s character hardening in this scene.

4. Hershel’s farm is overrun by walkers

It was always too good to be true, the paradise Rick and the survivors found on Hershel’s farm. After spending a few relaxing weeks there, suddenly the whole place is overrun by walkers, and the group is hopeless in fighting them all off, so they have to run. A few people die and Andrea is split from the group. Even though Hershel had unlimited ammo, they had to fight hard to make it out of there alive.

3. The Governor watches his heads

We have been anticipating the Governor’s arrival, and after his introduction in the last episode, we only got a small glimpse of maniacal side. He takes out an entire camp of National Guard folks with no remorse, but the scariest thing we’ve seen so far from the Governor is his room full of heads. He watches them like someone would watch TV, proud of his conquests that he keeps in tanks.

2. Shane tries to kill Rick

Shane was on a downward spiral into the land of Nothing Good Can Happen, and when he sent Rick on a wild goose chase after killing the boy they held captive, Shane was set to kill his former best friend. Shane is terrifying in this psychotic incident, during which he thinks killing Rick will actually make the group stronger.

We all know that Shane just wanted to be with Lori, and as a more ruthless man than Rick, Shane thought he was better to lead. So he decided to take over the old fashioned way: Murder the person in charge.

Too bad Rick beat him to it (thank goodness). This scene was incredibly suspenseful. Could you imagine if Shane was leading the group now?

1. Rick finds the prisoners

For the entire winter, Rick’s group has been on the move, scavenging houses for food, supplies, and shelter. When the gang comes across the prison, they think they can finally settle down for a little while. What they don’t expect to find are other people living in the prison.

We see this is the most frightening moment in The Walking Dead so far because when Rick and his crew met the prisoners, we had no idea who these guys were. They were obviously criminals, but Rick’s company was unsure of their crimes. These men were especially terrifying if you’ve read the comics and know what a few of them did in that version.

Tomas proved to be the most threatening of the prisoners, and there was constant anxiety as to whether or not he would flip a switch and try to kill Rick or anyone else. We also saw how crazy he went when he killed Big Tiny after he was bitten. Finally Rick kills Tomas with his machete, but the tension was at an all time high in this scene. To us, that was the most terrifying moment of The Walking Dead that we’ve seen so far.

What is your favorite frightening moment from ‘The Walking Dead’?

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