Top 10 ‘Glee’ performances of season 4

4:15 pm EDT, May 10, 2013

Glee season 4 has come and gone (can you believe it!?) and we’re looking back on the season and picking our top 10 songs/performances!

Though some of these might be debatable, do know that a lot of time and effort went in to tallying up our votes and choosing the best performances of Glee season 4! Let us know what you think in the comments below. Did one of your favorites miss the cut?

UPDATE: Not sure how we let “The Scienstist” slip by our radar! Here it is:

10. Don’t Stop Believin’

Glee fans new and old had chills when Rachel was auditioning for Fanny Brice in Funny Girl only to be joined by a flashback of her glee club days at McKinley.

9. Some Nights

Though this performance didn’t pack the same punch that “We Are Young” did, this fun. inspired performance lived up to the original band’s name!

8. Oops I Did It Again

Consider this the “Rachel’s all grown up” performance of season 4. Sexy, fun, and unique! We loved it!

7. Let Me Love You

If there’s any doubt that Jacob Artist isn’t one of the most talented people on Glee, check out this performance and get back to us.

6. Cold Hearted

Santana showed the NYADA dance company how it’s done in this eye-popping performance very similar to Rachel’s “Oops I Did It Again” performance.

5. Holy Night

Gleeks had this song on their iPod for years, but Rachel saved the beauty of the song for this season. This performance was one of the most beautiful solos we’ve ever seen on Glee!

4. This Is the New Year

The Glee kids broke the fourth wall in a way at the end of the episode this song was featured in, but we ate it up! And the video of the original artists, A Great Big World, reacting to seeing their song on Glee is almost just as good!

3. Homeward Bound / Home

In what was the first mini-reunion of original members in season 4, this song really locked in the sentimental value of performances that makes Glee shine. It was also one of the better mashups of the season as well!

2. Girl On Fire

There wasn’t a more dramatic moment in a performance this season than when Santana kicked down the doors and arrived in New York City in one of the last choruses of this very powerful song! Fans have wanted it to happen and their wishes came true!

1. Teenage Dream

Blaine Anderson sitting at a piano singing his heart out with tears in his eyes gave us all the feels. We all knew what was coming after this. A brilliant and moving live performance gets the No.1 spot of the season for sure.

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