2:00 pm EST, February 2, 2015

Tonight on ‘Eye Candy’ season 1, episode 4: Everything can be explained

Lindy gets a big surprise and takes a few hits on tonight’s Eye Candy, season 1, episode 4, “YOLO.”

‘YOLO’ synopsis

The Eye Candy episode, titled “YOLO,” airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. The episode synopsis reads:

Five teens disappear. Later, Lindy and Tommy are led to an unexpected place.

‘YOLO’ clips

For those of you who might have missed last week’s episode, allow us to catch you up. You can either read our recap of the episode or, if you prefer, you can watch for yourself on YouTube or MTV.com.

Now that everyone is all caught up, you can watch the clips below!

Eye Candy episode 4, ‘YOLO’, Official Promo

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“Six kids rented a party bus and five of them are missing.” But never fear, children, Lindy is on the case! Actually, to be more specific Lindy and Tommy are on the case. As we learned from Harvey Guillen last week, this is the episode where the two of them sort of head off on their own little adventure.

’Eye Candy’ episode 4, ‘YOLO’, sneak peek 1

And in this week’s first sneak peek, we get a glimpse of what sparks their adventure. It looks like there’s a new killer on the loose – The Stowaway, who’s attacking people in a very Blair Witch fashion.

’Eye Candy’ episode 4, ‘YOLO’, sneak peek 2

In the final clip of the week, we learn that The Stowaway has led Lindy and Tommy directly where you’d expect, to an abandoned ship. They scramble around until Lindy grabs the reigns and leads them toward the engine room. (Yay girl power!) And that’s where they find Max, presumably the sixth teen left alive after the party bus massacre, ready to end his life with the guilt of his friends deaths laying heavily across his shoulders.

More ‘Eye Candy’

If any of these videos have sparked your curiosity, you can find more about Eye Candy below:

– Come check out why we think Kiersey Clemons is a superstar in the making. Hint: She’s really super talented.
– Harvey Guillen is cute and adorable and teases some upcoming Eye Candy things.
– Kind of like what Executive Produce Christian Taylor and Victoria Justice did last week.
– Also, if these celebrity impressions the cast of Eye Candy does doesn’t amuse you, then I’m sorry you’re a lost cause.

Watch ‘Eye Candy’ online

If you can’t catch Eye Candy as it airs on MTV each week, you can watch the show online for free the next day at MTV.com. They’ve also posted the last two episodes on YouTube. Additionally, you can also purchase the episodes from iTunes and Amazon’s Instant Video service.

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