10:10 am EST, February 8, 2018

Tom Hardy is confronting his demons in the first ‘Venom’ teaser

By Kendall Ashley | Edited by Donya Abramo

Sony has just released the first trailer for Venom, and we get a bit of a taste of how Tom Hardy will be bringing Eddie Brock to life.

Venom first came to the big screen in live-action form in Spider-Man 3, played by Topher Grace. The movie was largely panned by fans and critics alike, and much like the fan reaction to seeing Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there was hope that someone would come along to try to tell Eddie Brock and Venom’s story in a new way.

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So when the announcement came that Tom Hardy was set to star in a Venom standalone movie, fans of the character got excited. Up until this point, we haven’t seen much of the film save for a photo of Hardy as Eddie Brock and a minimalistic poster. Happily, the studio has given us a bit more and released the first teaser for the film.

Okay, so there’s not a lot to go on here, but it still does a good job of getting us hyped. If you didn’t know Eddie Brock’s story or how the symbiote turns him into Venom, this trailer most certainly wouldn’t clue you in. However, regardless of how familiar you are with Eddie’s story, this teaser lets you know that Eddie Brock is changing.

The teaser does give us a quick look at the symbiote that turns Eddie Brock into Venom, and there is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment of Hardy in the MRI machine where you can see what appears to be the black tendrils of the symbiote climbing up his neck. However, we don’t get to see how the symbiote and Eddie Brock meet.

We also don’t get a shot of Hardy rocking the iconic black and white suit. And though Tom Holland has been rumored to appear in the film as Peter Parker (not Spider-Man, mind you), there is no mention of him at all in the trailer. So while we know Venom is set in the same universe as Holland’s Spider-Man movies, we don’t know where it falls on Spidey’s timeline, or how the two characters are connected (if at all).

Regardless, this trailer has got us pumped for the movie, and we have a lot of faith that Hardy will bring us another antihero to get excited about. Venom hits theaters on October 5, 2018!

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