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Quiz: Which Tom Hardy character are you?

Are you a Road Warrior, a dream thief, a super-spy or a romantic hero?

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Tom Hardy is explosive as Mad Max, but he’s had a lot of great roles in the past. If you’re obsessed with him right now, our Tom Hardy quiz will tell you which of his wonderful characters is the best fit for you!

Tom Hardy is everywhere right now. The incredibly versatile actor is currently the recipient of of much acclaim from critics and fans alike for his performance in Mad Max: Fury Road. Movie buffs are calling him the next great action hero, and tumblr fandom is in love with him for his sweet nature and his defense of the film’s strong feminist themes. Hardy has been on the cusp of super-stardom for a while now — ever since Christopher Nolan started casting him in things — and it looks like 2015 is his year.

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Mad Max: Fury Road may be the movie that elevates Tom Hardy to ‘iconic’ status, but he has a fantastic back catalog as well. Throughout his career, Hardy has proved over and over that he’s an actor with formidable range. His upcoming 2015 releases are an further example of this – he’ll star in London Road, a British musical film adaptation of the National Theatre production of the same name, and in Legend, the 1960s biopic of famous identical gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray. And yes, he’s playing both twins. Hardy tackles every genre he attempts with gusto and ease, undergoing extreme physical transformations and mining the depths of his heart to give emotional and vulnerable performances. He’s played a host of memorable, lovable and bad-ass characters, but where do your loyalties lie? Take our Tom Hardy quiz and find out!

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Which Tom Hardy role are you? Do you agree with your results?

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