Cast of Doctor Who both past and present appeared at the Collectormania festival last weekend, where Tom Baker and other incarnations of The Doctor affirmed their stance on a potential return for the 50th Anniversary!

Previous Doctors’ Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann all appeared in a special panel, as well as Karen Gillan and John Barrowman. If the line-up enough isn’t enough to give you a fangasm, then some of the information revealed certainly will do!

First up were the five Doctors, who were asked the obligatory question “Will you return for the 50th Anniversary?” Despite some previous reluctance from several of the actors, nearly all of them said they would be up for a return if the circumstances were right.

Tom Baker answered:

“I think if they ask me nicely or I can see what they want me to do, I’d consider it. I think the fans have been so good to me, they’d expect me to at least make an appearance.”

Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy also voiced their approval of the prospect, despite an initial refusal from the Sixth Doctor. While we didn’t get a clear cut answer from Davison or McGann, the former appeared alongside David Tennant in a 2007 mini-episode and the latter has in the past voiced his enthusiasm for the idea. That means that all surviving Classic Who actors would potentially be game for a return, and with Tennant speaking positively on the notion in the past it is only Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston who seems to be against a reunion.

The actors also spoke about a variety of other subjects – with Eight Doctor McGann stating that he would have returned for a full series had the show been picked up again after the panned TV movie. They also discussed waxworks, robots and costumes. Check out video of the panel below!

Meanwhile in New Who news, Karen Gillan and John Barrowman appeared in panels of their own. The Amy Pond actress told fans about the new series and how she managed to land the coveted role of The Doctor’s companion. Torchwood star Barrowman spoke about the spin-off, and also told a funny anecdote about meeting River Song actress Alex Kingston!

Would you love to see a huge Doctor reunion for the big 50th Anniversary?

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