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‘Titans’ 1×03, ‘Origins’ review: Welcome to the Kory show

Titans 1×03 brought the team together for the first time, however briefly — but the real highlight was getting to see Kory be such a badass the entire time.

As awesome as it was to see Dawn and Hank kick ass together last week as Dove and Hawk, and as fantastic as it was to see Dick play reluctant big brother/father figure to Rachel all episode, I did quite miss seeing my absolute favorite character, Kory Anders, on screen.

Luckily, this week, we were treated to quite a bit of Miss Kory Anders, who got to kick a lot of ass, throw a bit of shade, and look absolutely amazing while doing it all.

It gives me endless amounts of joy to see how dynamic and electrifying Anna Diop is on screen and how much charisma she puts into Kory. She’s a character who instantly lights up any scene that she’s in and has good chemistry with all of the different Titans.

And while I know that this episode of Titans is titled “Origins” and sent us back in time quite a bit to see the very beginnings of Dick Grayson’s journey as Robin, it was very much a Kory-centric episode — and thank God for it.

Let’s delve into this week’s hour of The Kory Show Titans.

Kory: The world’s coolest big sister

Raven and Kory in Titans 1x03

Dick’s earnest attempts at playing either big brother Dick or reluctant father Dick were heartwarming, even if they were a bit awkward and fumbling at times. She’s 13, so he’s understandably worried about her watching Game of Thrones and her love of black coffee, despite knowing that she somehow killed a man and witnessed the murder of her mother.

Dick a man with a good heart, but who is coming up against his own inner darkness. And because of that darkness, he’s unsure of himself and his place in the world, which makes him feel unsuited for taking care of another person and trying to figure out the darkness within her.

Kory, on the other hand, for all her lack of understanding about who she is and what she’s doing, isn’t plagued by the same darkness and uncertainty that currently characterizes Dick’s life. She knows there’s something inside her — something she doesn’t quite understand — but instead of seeing it as a darkness or being afraid of it, as Dick and Rachel do, she describes it as light.

Which means she’s the perfect balance for both Rachel and Dick, and someone who takes on the task of caring for Rachel without bringing the extra weight of emotional turmoil and baggage to it.

She understands right away that there’s something unique about Rachel, and treats her as an adult when the time calls for it, but also always remembers that as much of an old soul as Rachel might be, she’s also still a 13 year old girl.

It’s easy to see why Rachel immediately recognizes Kory as someone she can trust and someone with whom she wants to stay with, and I hope to see many more Rachel and Kory scenes in future episodes.

Dick x Kory shippers rise?

Dick and Kory in Titans 1x03

About three minutes into Kory and Dick meeting for the first time, my husband turned to me and asked, “We’re shipping them, right?”

To which I replied — only slightly joking — “I don’t know, Kory seems too cool for him.”

My husband, bless his heart, was genuinely offended for Dick Grayson’s sake, and then began listing off all of Dick’s positive attributes. So, what I’m saying here is that I think the show has done a really great job building up both Dick and Kory’s characters for viewers — making them equally awesome and badass and immediately alerting viewers to the chemistry between the two of them.

The dynamic between Dick and Kory, which I described earlier as a slightly antagonistic co-parenting relationship, was a lot of fun to watch on-screen. It was also immediately obvious that Dick’s incredibly strong personality wasn’t going to get him very far when it came to Kory, and it’ll definitely be good for his character to have someone step up to him and call him out on his shit when the time calls for it.

We were also treated to a few narrative plot threads with the two of them, finally seeing a bit more of Kory’s backstory and realizing how long she’s been looking for Rachel — and just who Rachel probably is.

I foresee both Dick’s detective skills and superhero experience helping to unravel the mystery behind Kory’s research, which means these two will get to spend plenty of time together. Dick x Kory shippers, let’s goooooo.

Never trust the nuns

Raven in Titans 1x03

Poor Rachel.

Nuns get such a bad rap in modern, popular cinema, to the point where the minute they stepped in that convent, I thought to myself — well, this isn’t going to end well.

And I was right. Mostly. They’re not evil, just afraid and misguided, which means they make some rather bad decisions.

We learn a bit more about Rachel’s past in this episode — that she and her surrogate mother spent time in the convent, that they were fleeing Rachel’s father. All good things for Rachel to know.

Of course, it would’ve been better had the nuns also happened to mention that her father is the literal demon Trigon, which would account for the scary shit that she can do. They don’t, though, and instead decide to lock her up in the very back of the convent while Dick and Kory are investigating Kory’s past history and research.

The scenes between Rachel and Evil!Rachel were fantastic, creepy and heartbreaking all at once, as you got to see Evil!Rachel tormenting Rachel, who is just a 13 year old girl who wants to be left alone and wants to be with her new, cool, older brother and sister.

Dick and Kory find out just who Rachel is at the exact moment that we see Rachel unlock the most destructive parts of herself to escape from the convent. She runs off to the wooded area surrounding the convent where we can assume — from past episodes and upcoming stills — that she’ll run into Gar and the Doom Patrol.

The show is really clicking along here, and I’m loving the way all the storylines are coming together. All the trailers and footage we’ve seen have mostly been these first three episodes, which means we have 8 full episodes where we have no idea what might happen. I can’t wait to find out.

And the award goes to…

Rachel Kory and Nuns in Titans 1x03

  • Episode MVP: You already know it’s going to Anna Diop’s Miss Kory Anders. She played good big sister to Rachel, badass superhero to that random lady in that interstate diner, and stood toe to toe with Dick Graysonw without once flinching. She’s my absolute fave.
  • Titans MIP: Giving it to Teagan Croft’s Rachel. Pilot episodes are always a little bit rough, and I have to say the roughest bits of acting came from Teagan’s portrayal of Rachel. And while it might be that I’ve gotten a little more used to her delivery, I also think that she’s gotten more comfortable in her role and with her acting abilities.
  • Most “please don’t, DC” moment: Behind the scenes footage made the vaguely romantic connection between Gar and Rachel a little more explicit than it ended up being in the actual show, so I can only hope that producers wisely decided they were going to back away from it. I know that in show, Gar is 15 and Rachel is 13, but in real life, Ryan Potter is 22 and Teagan Croft is 14 and that’s just too much eww for me.
  • Creepiest scene: The Nuclear Family with that doctor, who is calmly making an omelet while talking about the end of the world. I’m a little confused about the Nuclear Family at this point. Are they robots, as they have historically been in the comics? Super soldiers? Mutants? What is happening, y’all?
  • Best use of Dick’s first name: Kory saying, “Well, that’s technically true. *long pause* Dick.”
  • Best fight scene: Too easy, y’all. Of course it’s gotta be Kory kicking the ass of three racist, abusive pricks in the diner.
  • What did you think of ‘Titans’ 1×03, ‘Origins’?

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