‘Timeless’ 1×05 review: Remember the Alamo

10:45 am EDT, November 1, 2016

Timeless jumped back to the the catalyst that led to the creation of Texas. The Battle of the Alamo saw that sometimes meeting your heroes isn’t disappointing.

Garcia Flynn’s plan

The team, at first, is puzzled as to what Garica Flynn (Goran Visnjic) is doing at the Alamo. As Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) says, “How can you make it worse? Everybody dies?”

Eventually, it becomes clear. Flynn murders the commander of the fort, William Barrett Travis, so that the letter that he writes to plead for help is never written. The letter was historically the catalyst that led to the formation of the Republic of Texas.

In order to set history on more or less the right path, Lucy (Abigail Spencer) has to ghost write the letter. The women and children need to escape the fort to live to tell the tale of the siege, and a young John William Smith has to carry said letter. Smith will later become the first mayor of San Antonio (the site of the Alamo) when the Republic of Texas formed.

So what happened to Flynn?

The long and short of it is that Flynn’s plan to have Santa Ana attack early, and decimate the fort, didn’t exactly go down as planned. On the other hand, Flynn certainly provided Santa Ana with gold and misinformation as to why he should attack early. What ripples in history will happen due to this?

As to what happened to Flynn and where he is going next, we don’t know.

Hero worship

Two of the most famous historical figures that died at the Alamo were Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. Both Abby and Rufus are enamored with Crockett. Wyatt (Matt Lanter) has to remind them both that they are not there as tourists. At the same time, Wyatt respects the ultimate pioneer and warrior that is Bowie.

In the end, Crockett has a heart-to-heart with a desperate Rufus, as Rufus tries to find a way out of the fort for the women and children. Crockett tells him that most of the stories about his life are exaggerations that he perpetuated to hide the fact that he was actually scared.

Crockett lets Rufus know that plenty of men are scared, they are trembling on the inside. If they aren’t, there’s probably something wrong with them. The only real failure is in not trying and giving up.

Crockett’s talk inspires Rufus to find another way to get the women and children out.

For his part, Wyatt is suffering from PTSD. We learn that Wyatt was the only survivor of a modern day suicide mission, and by dumb luck, he was the one chosen to get out and deliver vital intelligence. At first he is ready to go down with the fort, because his career is going nowhere. In fact, he is about to be replaced after this mission. He has no wife or family to go back to. As a proud Texan, he wants to sacrifice his life for something meaningful.

Lucy, in a scene that clearly will have later implications, lets Wyatt know that she needs him and believes in him. He might consider himself expendable and without family or friends, but that’s not the way Lucy feels.

Before leaving, Wyatt tells his own personal hero, Jim Bowie, that Bowie’s life will not be lost in vain. Bowie gives Wyatt his famous knife as a token of understanding between the two men. Wyatt then leads the escape of the women and children along with Lucy and Rufus. Most importantly, Wyatt tells a young John Smith what it is to fight for a higher cause, and that he he a future.

Team Time in the present

Upon their return, Team Time refuses to be broken up. Rufus and Lucy will walk out if Wyatt is reassigned. Lucy and Wyatt are still unaware that Rufus is a reluctant double agent working for Rittenhouse via Connor Mason. For now, nothing can break up the band.

Rufus lets Connor Mason know that the Rittenhouse goons threatened him and his family after remotely stopping his car. Connor tries to tell Rufus that he didn’t know, and that Rufus is like a son to him, only Rufus isn’t buying it.

Lucy finally gets the story of her biological father from her mother. Will she meet this man? If she does, will it further fix or break history?

Right now Team Time is banding together because all they really have is each other.

Do you think Rufus will come clean to the team on ‘Timeless’?

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