Thor: The Dark World’s DVD/Blu-ray release date has been announced. The Thor sequel will be hitting store shelves on February 25, along with a new Marvel One-Shot.

Thor: The Dark World hit theaters back on November 8, and now the studio has announced that the DVD and Blu-ray will be released on February 25. The Thor sequel pulled in $629 million at the worldwide box office, surpassing the original film, which pulled in $449 million.

The special features include six deleted or extended scenes with audio commentary, the film’s gag reel, an audio commentary track and featurettes. Also included on the disc is an exclusive look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which hits theaters April 4.

Possibly the most interesting bonus is that a new Marvel One-Shot will be included called All Hail the King. Fans were very excited about Marvel’s previous One-Shot, which was included on Iron Man 3’s DVD/Blu-ray and even TV shows have been pitched due to the quality of their One-Shots.

We’ll definitely be looking forward to checking out Marvel’s new One-Shot All Hail The King. Check out Thor: The Dark World’s DVD/Blu-ray bonus features below.

‘Thor: The Dark World’ bonus features

thor the dark world blu ray release date

  • All Hail The King – A Marvel One-shot
  • A Brothers Journey – Thor & Loki (Part 1)
  • A Brothers Journey – Thor & Loki (Part 2)
  • Exclusive Look – Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Scoring Thor: The Dark World with Bryan Tyler
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes: Extended Celebration Scene
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes: Jane Learns about the Aether
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes: Loki: The First Avengers
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes: Thor and Frigga Discuss Loki
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes: Dark Elves Prepare for Battle
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes: Extended Vanaheim Scene
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes: Commentary by Alan Taylor & Kramer Moregenthau
  • Jane learns about the Aether commentary by Alan Taylor & Kramer Moregenthau
  • Loki: The First Avenger commentary by Tom Hiddleston
  • Thor and Frigga discuss Loki commentary by Kevin Feige
  • Dark elves prepare for battle commentary by Kevin Feige
  • Gag Reel
  • Thor: The Dark World audio commentary

    Watch Marvel’s official trailer for Thor: The Dark World’s DVD/Blu-ray release date announcement:

    Thor: The Dark World’s DVD/Blu-ray will be in stores on February 25. What could the new Marvel One-Shot be about? Let us know if you plan on picking up Marvel’s latest film on DVD/Blu-ray.

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