This Is Us season 1, episode 13 gave us incredible insights into the kids’ first “grown up” birthday parties. Can Jack and Rebecca organize mine next year?

Girl, no

Alright, so immediately after finishing this episode I was seething when it comes to Kate’s storyline. In this episode her doctor tells her about something that’s essentially a “fat camp” because she no longer wants to do the surgery due to her recent engagement. That’s fine, that works because I understand her motivation for wanting to still lose weight.

But then we get into this whole stupid love triangle thing that was even announced in the trailer for next week’s episode as “…a love triangle begins.” Seriously!?

The parts of the episode where Kate is actually trying to do things at the camp and almost gives up were great because it showed her motivation and humility. We all know how hard it is to motivate yourself to do things like lose weight or stick to a regimen so I absolutely expected her to falter at least once at this camp, but then she meets some douche at the stables.

Are we supposed to be happy for Kate that some guy convinced her to stay? Because I’m not. I’d rather she would have quit and left and kept her relationship with Toby stable especially since they just got back together and engaged. I’m all for relationship drama on TV but it’s only been thirteen episodes and this couple has had so many things happen to them it would have taken any other show about a season or two to pull it off.

Kate. Stop.

Cool ride, bro

In this week’s episode Randall and William’s relationship grew even closer, although to be honest their story wasn’t exactly heart-wrenching like the others. It was a relatively calm week for them, but a happy one.

William decided to stop the chemotherapy and because of that he now has a ton of energy (which I don’t expect to last ’til next week), so it was really great to see him bouncing around again. I don’t know what it is about William but every time I see him happy and upbeat I just want to give him a giant hug.

He’s so happy he decides he wants to do something he’s always wanted to, and despite Randall having a huge work assignment due he goes with William instead. Dying wishes are always a weird thing to bring up, or at least it is in my opinion.

When people who are actually dying talk about doing something they’ve always wanted to do I always get nervous that as soon as they do that thing they’ll pass away. Thankfully that was not the case in this episode, and we got to see William live out one of his dying wishes.

And he looked real good with those sunglasses, driving Randall’s car and sipping his coffee. Maybe we can all be like Randall one day.

As youuuu wiiiiiish

Can we all just pause for a moment an appreciate the incredible romantic arc that this show gave Kevin? When the episode started I was all about him trying to win back Sloane because of the incredibly stupid things he said a few episodes ago and I was so upset that he was hesitating so much on whether he should pick her or Olivia.

Obviously his choice should be Sloane! I’m pretty sure that’s how we all felt. During this entire episode Toby was trying to help him pick a girl and express to her how he really feels and near the end he finally made his decision, but it was not who we expected it to be.

Instead of showing up at Sloane or Olivia’s place he knocked on the door and some woman we’ve never seen before opens it. “Who the hell!?” I said when she came on screen. Then we find out this woman’s name is Sophie, his ex wife.


Apparently Kevin was married to this woman but their divorce was so bad they haven’t seen each other in 12 years. Kevin just celebrated his 36th birthday so that means he got married at the ripe young age of 24. For some, you’d think that’s a little too young to get married but then we get another bombshell reveal that Sophie and Kevin have been friends since they were 10 and that’s when Kevin started falling for her. Someone give me a paper bag because this cuteness is just too much.

With Sophie in the picture and the knowledge that Kevin threw a Princess Bride themed birthday party for himself just to get her attention, I think we’ve all tossed Olivia and Sloane off to the side. Twue wove is where it’s at, people.

The party masters

I will never, ever get sick of watching Jack and Rebecca raise their kids. Every time we get a glimpse of their past I grow and even deeper love for the entire Pearson family, and this episode was no different.

Everyone has to grow up at some point and for the kids it was their tenth birthday party. Instead of wanting a joint party like they have the past decade they each wanted their own individual parties, and Jack and Rebecca were kind enough to oblige.

It was wonderful seeing how different these parties were — it really showed us their personalities and how unique they all are, but it wasn’t so great seeing Randall with basically no turnout and Kate getting ditched for Kevin’s party.

You know what was great, though? Seeing how fantastic of a dad Jack is. His ability to bond and help his kids when they’re feeling low is nothing short but a God given gift. He was meant to be a dad and every week we get reminded of that.

…Which is why it was so heartbreaking to get glimpses of his funeral! The huge question the fandom has had was “when did Jack die?” Now we know that he died when the kids were teenagers but we still don’t know how. But that is a piece of information I’m more than happy to wait for — just give me more happy Jack first!

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