This Is Us just returned from its winter finale and we finally found out what happened to Toby on Christmas Eve!

Heart Surgery

Arguably the most anticipated moment of tonight’s This Is Us was finding out if Toby was going to survive his heart attack. Thankfully the answer was yes, but there was a catch.

Toby needed surgery to repair a hole in his heart, but didn’t really want to do it because he was scared. Kate, of course up set that he would opt not to take the surgery, left his side because she was not happy with that choice. In the end, though, Toby decided he would in fact do the surgery with Kate by his side.

The cutest part was when Kate was waiting for Toby to wake up afterwards, and how she was telling him how much he meant to her and that she wanted to have him for the rest of her life. There were a ton of adorable, cute, cheesy remarks and I absolutely loved it.

Then we realize that Toby has been awake the whole time and heard everything. Instead of being hesitant or scared to respond he returned her feelings 100% and it was so, so damn cute! Ugh! And then he agreed to marry her and I’m pretty sure they just got engaged and my cheeks are sore from smiling.

Living with cancer

One of the best things about Randall’s dad being gay, other than it normalizing gay characters, is seeing him try to adjust to the whole concept.

Jesse came to visit/pick up William for a date (awww) and seeing Jesse and Randall interact was so fantastically awkward I wanted to watch it again and again. William tells Randall how he’ll be spending the night with Jesse but as the episode continues William is away from home more and more.

When Randall confronts him William admits that he doesn’t want to be a burden on his family and that the medicine he’s taking stopped working. He’s getting sicker and he was going to check our nursing homes with Jesse so that he doesn’t become an inconvenience to his son, but Randall isn’t having it.

Randall demands that William stay with him no matter what, and offers to stop the chemo. It was a heartbreaking scene that ends in their decision to stop all treatment which will essentially force us to see Williams death sooner rather than later.

I know it wasn’t realistic to expect William to live on for several seasons but now I have a feeling his death will be a part of the season finale and I know that’s just going to be a cry-fest for days.

Surprise, bitch

Kevin has grown so much since the series has started and I can’t help but feel super proud of him. He’s now officially financed the play that almost shut down because Olivia ditched the entire production, and he’s put Sloane to take her spot.

Sloane and Kevin make an absolutely fantastic team but then Olivia shows up out of nowhere claiming she’s discovered herself on a trip around America the past month and is ready to return to her role. Bitch, please.

Thankfully Kevin sees the outrageousness in this, but not as much as I’d have hoped. It’s clear he’s still extremely interested and/or tempted by Olivia, and it worries me that he thinks about going for her. But in the end he tells her that Sloane will remain in her part, affectingly firing her.

I was all happy about this at first but then when Olivia asked what would happen between the two of them Kevin hesitates again. After this horrifyingly long pause he says that he’s going to continue to date Sloane because it’s the right thing to do, and “sometimes you have to do the right thing, even if it’s not what you want.”

Someone hold be back because I’m about slap Kevin silly. What was an amazing relationship just turned into complete crap because, unbeknownst to Kevin, Sloan was able to hear the entire thing. He asks her to go for drinks but she declines, stating it’s the right thing.

Damnit, Kevin.

She’s having triplets

The flashback in tonight’s episode was fantastic because not only did we get to see Rebecca and Jack react to the news of having triplets but we also get to see their parents, who are not the best.

Rebecca’s mom insists that Jack can’t help her take care of three children and I immediately hate her because we all know how amazing Jack has been to Rebecca and for her. Rebecca’s mom somehow convinces her that it’s a good idea for them to move in with her parents because they have more room and they won’t have to pay rent, which is terrifying.

Jack doesn’t particularly like the idea and neither does Rebecca but they basically have no choice. Then Jack does the most heroic, romantic thing I’ve seen all year (and no I’m not talking about the 10 days of 2017). He pays a visit to his dad, who is a total jackass. It’s clear his dad was never the caring type but somehow he’s more well off than Jack and so Jack asks him for some money.

After an awkward confrontation Jack’s dad agrees to give him the money and Jack sells his car so they could get a station wagon for the kids. He then brings Rebecca to the house he’s been helping build and tells her he bought the whole thing, and didn’t tell him he borrowed any money.

He shows her around the house and asks if she can see raising a family here and I officially break down as they show flash-forwards of them raising their kids inside this half built house.

After such a long time away This Is Us came back in full-force and I can’t wait to see what the Pearson family gets up to.

‘This Is Us’ returns next Tuesday, Jan 17

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