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Seven things that would make ‘Play It Again, Dick’ even more awesome

We don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of Play It Again, Dick. Seriously. We want more of everything. Well, a few things in particular, but, in general, everything.

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More of every character, more fun Veronica Mars Easter eggs, more time in every episode… We just want more. Period. We’ve just been Veronica Mars-less for so long that now, that we’re getting all of these goodies, we can’t help but be greedy. We know we’re not the only ones.

While it’s awesome as is (and we’re lucky to even have a show like it in our lives at all), we can think of a few things that would make Play It Again, Dick even more amazing.

Over-The-Top-Ryan telling behind-the-scenes stories

Play It Again, Dick Ryan Hansen

While it was honestly one of the last things we expected to see from Play It Again, Dick, one of our favorite parts of the show is hearing “Ryan” tell behind-the-scenes stories from his Veronica Mars days. His recollections are straight-faced yet ridiculous. The stories may sound crazy, but we find ourselves hanging on every word he says, moreso during these stories than in any other part of the show.

Sure, sometimes we can’t tell if he’s actually telling the truth but, truthfully, we don’t care! Real or not, it’s fun to hear stories about our favorite actors. It’s fun to imagine them doing the things that Ryan says. It’s almost like the DVD features we’ve never had. We’re hoping to maybe hear some fun Teddy Dunn stories (if they exist) or even something on Backup!

More Rob Thomas ‘usuals’ cameos

Play It Again, Dick Rose McIver

Like Joss Whedon and Martin Scorcese, Rob Thomas (Yes, we did just compare Rob Thomas to Whedon and Scorcese) has his circle of actor friends that he loves to call on to be in his projects. While a few of them had recurring roles on Veronica Mars (like Ryan Hansen), others had cameos on the show or came around later.

In the third and fourth episode, we happened to notice (read: “squeal at the sight of”) Rose McIver (AKA the star of Thomas’ new CW show, iZombie) as the pretty girl who Percy Daggs III left with Ryan Hansen. That got us thinking: Which other Thomas “usuals” will we see on screen? Sure, her name is in the credits of the episode, but so are a lot of other actors’. And, to be honest, we’re better with faces than with names so even though her name was there the whole time, we were still excited and surprised to see her face. We can’t wait to see more fun faces as Play It Again, Dick progresses.

Characters trying out for other characters

Play It Again, Dick choreographer

With the choreographer already stepping in to play Logan, we’re totally on board with seeing actors whose faces we’re already familiar with campaigning for different roles. We already have actors playing crazy or polar-opposite versions of themselves (case in point: Enrico Colantoni!) and we find them to be hilarious. Seriously. We can’t get enough of these over-the-top portrayals. And Jason Dohring as the heart-broken best friend? Priceless!

The next obvious step is for some of them to try auditioning for other characters! Especially those whose characters are dead or gone (like Duncan and Beaver… we mean “Cassidy”). Extra points to any actor who tries auditioning for popular characters that weren’t killed off or sent to Australia!

Ryan Hansen dancing

Play It Again, Dick dancing

It’s not a Rob Thomas and Ryan Hansen production without a few minutes of Ryan Hansen dancing around. One of our favorite things to come out of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter (aside from the movie itself, of course), was Ryan Hansen’s beautifully choreographed dance number.

What would be more fitting in the ridiculousness that is Play It Again, Dick than a large dance number? From the looks of his “character,” it seems like Ryan Hansen thinks he’s going to be swimming in money with the $50,000 that he was given for his pilot. Plus, in one of the most recent episodes, we see that Ryan has a choreographer working in one of his rooms. We can’t WAIT for that dance number. It had better happen by the end of the series.

Loads of ‘Private Dick’ footage

Play It Again, Dick motorcycle

While the first four episodes of Play It Again, Dick focused on Ryan pitching his ideas for the show and getting the gang back together, episode five was our first glimpse (besides the intro credits) into what Private Dick would actually be like. Boy, were we not prepared for what we saw.

It was more hilarious and ridiculous than we had originally imagined. We laughed from start to finish. From the crazy idea of Duncan being eaten by a shark to Ryan’s Logan recasting, the whole thing was perfect. Before, we were just really enjoying ourselves while watching Play It Again, Dick, but now we’re hooked. We need more Private Dick footage. Stat.

The promise of a second season or spinoff

Play It Again, Dick Private DIck

We don’t know about you, but we’re over-the-moon ecstatic to have some of our favorite actors on our screens on a weekly basis again. While it’s not Veronica Mars by any means, it does satisfy our craving for more time in Neptune, California. At least, for a little while. We’re not looking forward to going back to our Veronica Mars-less lives.

As with every new piece of the Veronica Mars universe that Rob Thomas so graciously gives to us, we want more. We crave more. We need more. We’re already getting more in the “literary” universe and it’s really only time until we get another movie (*fingers crossed*), so why can’t we have more of this side of the actors? More silly caricatures, exaggerations, and complete fabrications of actors and characters we’ve come to love. Is that too much to ask? Hey, Private Dick could potentially get picked up. At least for the sake of another season. It could totally happen.

More gratuitous male shots/Jason Dohring doing pull-ups

Play It Again, Dick  Logan

Because of reasons. It was impossible not to be impressed or surprised during the second episode of Play It Again, Dick when Jason Dohring just started doing pull-ups in the middle of Ryan’s living room. And then he stopped, gave suggestions to the camera crew, and started again. Seriously though. Was that not impressive? Time has certainly been more than kind to Jason Dohring.

Ok, so maybe this point should’ve really been retitled “More Jason Dohring” because that’s honestly what we really want. His charm, his on-screen “sulking,” that officer’s uniform… The pull-ups are really just an added bonus.

What would you like to see on ‘Play It Again, Dick’?

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