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These 7 ‘The Walking Dead’ spinoff ideas actually make sense

The Walking Dead universe has expanded far beyond the ongoing comic and original TV series.

There are toys, video games, the Talking Dead aftershow, and of course the TV spinoff series Fear The Walking Dead, which is currently in the back half of season 4. The Walking Dead actors are major staples at conventions like Walker Stalker Con and have used this platform to snag high-profile roles (Hello, Okoye!).

The Walking Dead is starting to show signs of slowing down, so AMC is determined to keep the zombie drama going with additional spinoffs. Nothing specific has been confirmed so far, but there are a few Walking Dead spinoff ideas that totally make sense:

The solo adventures of Carol

Carol has been wishy-washy about whether she wants to be in a community for a couple of seasons. Right now, she seems to be a firm member of the Kingdom and is still close to Daryl, but Rick’s death or a new enemy might be the final straw.

Carol has seemed to take on the role of comic Michonne, who temporarily left the group for a while to go sailing. It would be cool to see Carol do something similar and head off to parts unknown.

Or, she could decide to strike out on her own on land and build a new life. It would be strange to leave people she has known for so long, but if Morgan can run away to Texas for no absolutely reason, then Carol can do it, too.

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The apocalypse around the world

So far, we have only seen the effects of the virus in the United States. And the last Atlanta CDC survivor Dr. Jenner confirmed that the disease had gone global.

A spinoff about the apocalypse in a different country would introduce another group of characters and put a fresh perspective on the apocalypse story. How is life for them several years after the outbreak?

Or, they could jump even further in time and explore how humanity rebuilt from this massive epidemic.

The Telltale Game Comes to Life

I don’t follow this particular game, but I am aware of its popularity in the fandom.

A Telltale spinoff series would be an awesome combination of bringing game characters like Clementine to life and old TV characters like Glenn with cameo appearances.

It would be a guaranteed win because so many people are already invested in this saga.

The Kids Are All Right

There are few kids in The Walking Dead compared to the adults, but what would happen if a group of kids had ZERO adult supervision? Surely there are children like Enid who lost their parents and eventually ran into fellow orphans.

How would a group of pre-teens or teenagers survive this dangerous world? Exploring the series through the eyes of kids would be an interesting perspective on the apocalypse.

Anything With Michonne

What will happen to Michonne after Rick’s demise? She should become the new leader, but Maggie and Daryl will make that a difficult task.

And she has to take care of Judith. In a dream world, she would ride off into the sunset with Rick and Judith for a Grimes family spinoff.

But reality will probably deal her a darker hand. There hasn’t been any official word about Judith dying, but if it happens then Michonne really won’t have a solid reason to be with the group anymore.

She might go back out on her own again to be a katana-wielding boss. Or, she could still do this with Judith. A show about Michonne’s backstory would feel really out of sequence, but it would be kinda cool.

A Military Group’s Survival

Rick and his crew have been (mostly) good at surviving despite being previously ill-equipped for this type of disaster. So far, Abraham has been the only solid military guy in the group.

Bob and the military people who somehow let The Governor’s men kill them don’t really count in my opinion. Anyway, imagine what the apocalypse would be like with a group of Abrahams surviving together.

A team of Navy Seals or secret government assassins surviving in this world is a spinoff-worthy idea. Surely these people have the skills to rebuild a community and fend off enemies.

Rogue Maggie?

Actress Lauren Cohan is leaving The Walking Dead to pursue other opportunities. But according to Comicbook.com, the character will not be killed off.

They will likely throw her into the background and focus on new characters in season 9, but her absence would be a perfect path into a spinoff series.

She’s still salty with Rick about Negan, so maybe she decides to leave with her son and a few Hilltoppers and travel back to Georgia for some reason. A Maggie spinoff would give her the screen time she deserves and probably the payday Cohan wants too.

What are your best The Walking Dead spinoff ideas?

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