It is being reported that last night’s season 2 premiere of The X Factor was the most talked about premiere ever on social media! is reporting that last night’s season 2 premiere of The X Factor garnered 1.4 millions posts and comments across Facebook and Twitter.


In comparison, Mashable is also reporting that The Voice, which also premiered last night on NBC, managed 202,000 comments during it’s premiere. However, The Voice may have come out on top as it did better in the ratings than The X Factor, bringing in 12.5 million viewers while The X Factor brought in 8.5 million.

Everyone seemed to be talking about the emotional performance of Jillian Jensen, who performed Jessie J’s “Who You Are” after connecting with judge Demi Lovato on being bullied throughout her life. Not only that, but social media was abuzz to Simon Cowell’s emotional reaction to her story and her performance as well.

If you missed Jillian’s performance and Simon’s subsequent reaction to her story and performance check it out here:

Did you have anything to contribute to last night’s social media commentary on The X Factor‘s season premiere? Who was your favorite out of everyone who auditioned and made it through?

Don’t forget to check out The X Factor every Wednesday and Thursday at 8/7c on Fox!

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