10:18 am EST, January 11, 2020

‘The Witcher’ now has an official interactive map and timeline

Netflix has released an official interactive map and timeline for The Witcher series.

Toss a coin to Netflix, because they’ve just made watching The Witcher a whole lot easier. The Henry Cavill led series has been widely loved by old and new fans of the property alike since its premiere on Netflix. That being said, the one complaint is that the show’s multiple timelines and locations can be a little difficult to follow if you’re not paying close attention (or even if you are).

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Luckily, somebody must’ve requested payment by the law of surprise from Netflix, because we’ve been given an amazing interactive map and timeline for the series!

The map lets you see the world of The Witcher from Cintra to the Blue Mountains, while there is a separate timeline for each of the show’s three main characters, Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri. There is also a timeline for events from the world as a whole, which shows things like the births of supporting characters, scenes from each episode, Nilfgaard’s progressions, the creation of the first Witcher, and even the beginning of the world, which occurred before the year 500.

As you click through the timeline, the map moves to show you where each event took place. It’s even color coded by character!

It’s so cool to see the exact progression of the show’s events (and beyond) in such an interactive format. It’s also crazy to see when some of the characters were born. Geralt was born in 1160, and Yennefer was born in 1192! We’d say Geralt was robbing the cradle, but since they’re both around 100 years old, we’ll let it slide.

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