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‘The Whispers’ series premiere recap: Hello, Drill

Imaginary friends aren't always that friendly... or imaginary.

The Whispers series premiere just finished airing! Check out our recap of what exactly is going on with these children and their imaginary friends.

It’s been a long road since we first heard about The Whispers, but finally the pilot has aired and we can’t wait to dive right in and see what is going on. Make sure to let us know all about your favorite moments in the comments below!

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‘The Whispers’ series premiere recap

The pilot begins with a little girl named Harper dressed in her bathing suit talking to a new imaginary friend of hers named Drill. The mother, when she calls Harper in for dinner, finds the new friend charming, but there’s something clearly amiss here. Especially when Harper talks about the new rules and the game having already started.

Soon after, we see Harper unloading tools into her backpack. Minutes later, Harper’s mom starts frantically looking for her. She finds her little girl in the tree house, and when Harper insists she comes up, Harper tells her that in this ‘game’ of hers, her mom has to step on the ‘X.’ When Harper’s mom does just that, the boards break and Harper’s mom falls to her death.

The Whispers season 1 premiere

Next, we see the FBI agent, Agent Claire Bennigan, get a phone call at her son’s baseball game. She is being called in from three months of leave to handle the investigation into Harper’s mom’s death. She calls her son, who is deaf, over and tells him about having to go to the office.

Lina Lawrence sits with a friend at the park while they watch over their children. We learn that her husband works for the government, but that she doesn’t really know what he does. She’s grateful for his job because it keeps his cheating ass away from his mistress.

Agent Bennigan is in a safe room with Harper asking her questions. When Harper starts talking about Drill, Bennigan sits up and takes notice. Harper talks about an invisible friend who wants her to play a game, and when it’s done they’ll have a ‘domination.’ She then tells Bennigan that Drill isn’t here anymore, and that he’s looking for a new friend. We then see Drill making that new friend.

Bennigan sees a drawing on the table, and runs to ask Harper about it. When she does, she finds out that there have been others. She mentions a little boy who couldn’t win the game, and Claire goes to see if she can find mention of a little boy with an imaginary friend in the archives.

We see a bearded and clearly addled man scribbling something in an alley. We see that he just scribbled ‘Minx,’ the name of the little girl who was most recently befriended by Drill. He then collapses to the ground in pain.

In Africa, Wes Lawrence is checking out a downed American Air Force plane, but as he is informing the African official that he can’t help, the power begins to flicker wildly. The official tells him he has something else for him to see, but they need to suit up first.

They take Wes to see a strange looking rock. After getting a jolt of electricity from it and checking it out thoroughly, it’s clear that Wes Lawrence has no idea what is going on, but he thinks it has something to do with the air craft they just showed him.

Claire goes to visit the mother of the boy that Drill mentioned. Her son died before he could ‘win the game’ and she has been changed by the loss. Claire manages to get the woman to talk after she makes it clear that while she doesn’t understand the woman’s loss, she also empathizes due to the loss of her husband.

The Whispers season 1 premiere Milo Ventimiglia hospital

The addled man from earlier was found and brought to a hospital. The man is muttering in another language, and one of the medical staff comes in and translates. It’s all nonsense rambling to them about lights and it being too late, but we all know this isn’t good.

The woman Claire went to visit tells Agent Bennigan about what happened with her son. She tells her all about how he thought he was doing bad things at the end, but it was too late for her to do anything to save her son. Claire asks her if she remembers anyone that was around that could be behind this, and the woman starts talking about a man covered in tattoos that was watching.

Lina Lawrence asks her daughter, Minx, about what happened on the playground. Minx tells her about Drill, and about how once kids get older they turn and start to think too much. She says that the boy is turning, and he must have been startled by what Drill and/or Minx had to say. Minx then shows a picture she drew of the White House accompanied by a red swirl in the sky, where she says the ‘light comes from.’

Minx also mentioned that she knows her dad did a bad thing that made Lina mad. Lina calls Wes, but he doesn’t answer.

Wes and his assistant then talk about a plane that was traveling near the Arctic Circle, but it crashed in the desert. There is no way the plane had enough fuel to get to where it crashed, so they’re suspecting something crazy has happened with the creepy rock-thing.

The doctor asks the addled man a few questions, and he can’t seem to put together the answers. He doesn’t even know his own name. He senses that something is going to happen, and then seconds later, Harper, the little girl that made her mom fall through the tree house floor, enters his room and tells him that he can help her find Drill.

Lina Lawrence starts running herself a bath, and the power starts flickering. As she investigates things, a toy in her daughter’s room starts going off, and wakes Minx up. Drill tells her that the game never stops and lures her out into the hallway. She is following a light up toy car.

The car leads her to the home office, where she gets into her father’s government files because she knows his password.

The Whispers season 1 premiere lily rabe Claire Bennigan

As we wait to see what Minx is up to, we get a mix of moments from both the addled man in the hospital, and Claire Bennigan.

The addled man has escaped his room and, after donning a hat, is trying to escape the hospital.

At the same time, Claire has noticed that the drawing Harper made looks suspiciously like a page in a magazine that’s lying open on her coffee table. As she is awaiting the sketch to finish loading of the man that the mother talked about, she is alarmed by the similarities of the kids’ drawing and the magazine page.

She gets a call from Wes Lawrence, and it’s clear to see that Claire and Wes were the affair that Lina is so upset about. Wes is telling her that they found her husband’s plane, and that her husband’s body is not there. Wes tells her that her husband is no longer assumed deceased, but is now being relabeled as missing.

She then looks at the sketch, which is clearly of the addled man from the hospital, who we now know is Shawn Bennigan, her husband who they believe crashed in the Arctic Circle.

Wes calls the president to get permission to run tests on the plane, but he is told to come home. That there’s something he needs to know that can’t be told over the phone.

The episode ends with Claire Bennigan’s deaf son clearly able to hear the noises out his window. He thanks Drill for ‘fixing him’ and promises to keep it their little secret. Definitely not good.

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