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‘The Whispers’ season 1 finale recap: Not your typical finale

The Whispers season 1 ended tonight with the finale to end all finales! Check out our recap and read every tense moment.

‘The Whispers’ season 1 finale recap

The episode begins with a montage of news coverage of the screech heard ’round the world. We then see Claire locked in a truck with Cassandra, aka Drill, and they are transporting them to a secure location.

Drill clarifies to Claire that Cassandra is no longer alive. The second he took over her body, she became little more than a suit for him to wear. Claire asks what the signal meant and what is coming next. Drill reminds her that Harper told her that answer back at the very beginning of all of this: domination.

Sean is on the phone with Thomas’ father, and he mentions that he heard not only the signal, but the answer.

Drill reminds Wes and Claire that if they had just sacrificed that boy in the blackout, he would have been trapped and it all would have ended there. Drill reminds them of the importance of sacrifice, and then spontaneously combusts.

Seconds after Drill burns up, all the kids are contacted at once. Minx smiles.

The Whispers season 1 episode 2 Minx Lawrence

Claire tells Wes about the answer heard by Thomas’ father. We then see Henry and Minx silently packing a bag. The montage of clips shows a young girl opening pills into her mother’s wine glass, as well as Nicholas’ mother’s door tied shut as he runs down the stairs.

Jessup gets a visit from a woman who asks him to walk away from his job and be with her in this dark time.

Claire is in her car on the way to Sean when she sees a group of kids talking at a gas station. She immediately goes after them. A strange woman, eerily calm, asks if Claire is Henry’s mother, and then Claire finds herself surrounded by more parents.

Sean is at Thomas’ father’s house looking at the signal he received after Cassandra’s screech hit the airwaves. He is telling Thomas’ father about his tattoos of that signal’s code when a woman comes to the door, eerily calm just like the others. A group of other parents subdue Sean, and then the woman finds Henry, who asks, “Are we ready?”

Wes cannot get ahold of Claire. We then see her awaken tied up next to Sean in a warehouse of some kind. The group of parents tell them that Henry, and all the children, are fine.

We see Harper walking with an adult to a bus stop and she instructs the woman that this is how she is supposed to get somewhere. Jessup sees Harper as he is driving and pulls up to talk to her. He tries to talk to the woman with her, and they both inform him that she is a friend of the family. Something just doesn’t smell right to him. He tries to call Claire, and his passenger turns into one of the zombie-like adults.

The defacto leader informs Sean and Claire that they are working for Drill. She says that, “Once Drill makes you his friend, you’re his friend for life.” The adults working for Drill were befriended by him when they were young. Drill’s death jogged their memory and they were then awakened like a sleeper cell.

Wes goes to the Bennigan residence to find Claire and Sean, and he finds the house empty and quiet, with Thomas’ father dead on the floor. He hears the signal on the computer and grabs all the files and leaves.

Frommer then sees footage of stars that seem to be shifting in the cosmos. A military leader then informs him that those aren’t stars, and that something is coming.

Back in the warehouse, Sean is slowly trying to fray the ropes binding him. He has Claire distract their captor. The woman tells Claire that all Drill’s friends will have a role to play.

Wes returns home to find Minx, but all he finds is more of the adults that everyone else has been accosted by. He escapes. We then see Jessup wake up in the trunk of his car as he is being transported by the woman. Wes tells him to keep his phone on so he can track him.

Wes tracks Jessup’s car to the warehouse and slowly makes his way up the stairs into their makeshift headquarters. He watches as the adults crowd around the TV and watch the news coverage. He slowly makes his way around the space and takes a picture of a map on the wall.

Sean frees himself, but the woman gets Claire in her claws and is ready to kill her. Just as she is about to drive something sharp into Claire’s neck, Wes shoots the woman dead.

Wes, Sean, Jessup, and Claire regroup in the headquarters. They see the news coverage and then a bright blue light illuminates the room. Claire then states what we’re all thinking: “They’re here.”

A list of cities that are also experiencing the blue lights are all places that Sean visited while he was in his post crash daze. Claire asks where Minx is, and Henry reminds her that Minx is where she’s supposed to be.

The Whispers season 1 finale Claire Bennigan Sean Bennigan Henry Bennigan Wes Lawrence woods

We then see a bunch of kids approaching seemingly random, but very specific locations. They are positioning themselves like pieces on a chess board. Frommer is going to launch missles and explode them in the paths of the incoming meteors/ships.

Wes, Claire, and the rest continue working on the signal. They ask Henry what the message is, and he stays quiet. As they work, Frommer gets word that they got a direct hit on their target. We then hear explosions. Henry comes out with the parents and stares blankly at the sky. Claire asks if it’s over, and if they’re gone, and Henry just shakes his head no. We then see a shot of the sky littered with faint blue lights.

Claire asks Henry if he can hear her, but he continues staring upward. She forces him to look at her, and she begins signing to him. He signs back to her. He can communicate this way, just not in speech. She asks him to tell her what the message in the signal means. He signs back, “The message is a question. Are the children ready?” Claire relays this to the others. Sean then puts the pieces together. The aliens are not here for the planet, they are coming for the children.

The Whispers season 1 episode 4 Meltdown Henry Bennigan

Wes shows the others a map that he took a picture of at the headquarters. It shows a spiral of where the children were told to be. Henry tells Claire that they don’t have much time to save Minx. He leads the parents to a wooded area and Wes heads off in a different direction from Claire, Sean, and Henry. They all start yelling for Minx, but get no answer.

Henry directs them to her, and Sean starts racing in the direction they just pointed. Henry stops well behind his parents and looks up to the sky. He apologizes to his mother. Wes finds Minx just as Sean sees a number of blue lights shine down from the sky. Each light highlights a child. The parents race to their children, but all are taken, including Minx. Claire steps into the light, pushing Henry out. She has a moment to make eye contact with Sean before she too is beamed up like the others.

After the children were taken, the ships leave. Henry recovers from the paralysis, and Wes looks on as Sean holds Henry tight to his chest.

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