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‘The Whispers’ season 1, episode 3 recap: Drill’s not going to like this

The Whispers season 1, episode 3 just finished airing! Check out our recap and see what other fans think Drill has up his sleeve next!

‘The Whispers’ season 1, episode 3 recap

A quick trip to the past shows that things were definitely not great before Sean left on his mission to the Arctic. He and Claire fought the night before he left, and when Sean asks her if she loves ‘him,’ we all know that he, too, knows about the affair between Claire and Wes.

Claire tells her mother that Sean is alive, and that not only has she seen him, but that he’s stumbling around town as John Doe. Her mother is skeptical, but Claire insists and continues to explain as best she can what exactly has been happening.

Claire’s partner, Jessup, is given the lead on the hunt for John Doe/Sean Bennigan. His CO reminds him that he is investigating the possible formerly-dead husband of his partner, and that judgement on Agent Bennigan is to be reserved for after they figure out whether or not this man is even guilty to begin with.

Wes Lawrence listens to the communications recording of the moments before Sean Bennigan’s plane went down. Amidst all the clamor of instrument panels and feedback, there is a strange, metallic sound that seems most suspicious. We just wonder if Wes heard what we heard.

We then see Wes and his team checking out the surveillance footage from the bomb that was set off by the child at Westing Industrial. Wes realizes that at one point, the child watches and waits for someone to enter the office around the corner from where the explosion originated. The team concludes he was waiting for a David Miller, who went from being a victim, to being the target. Now, why would a little boy want to kill him?

Minx goes to talk to her psychologist about Drill. He tells her that she needs to stop playing with Drill because he’s not real, and she responds with, “I don’t think Drill’s going to like this.”

Claire is going through John Doe’s pack that he left behind at the doctor’s house. She finds a receipt and is going to trace where he’s been to see if she can figure out where he’s going next. A phrase that is most familiar, as we just heard Wes Lawrence use it in his briefing minutes ago.

Wes shows up at the hospital to talk to someone, and he finds Harper at her mother’s beside. It turns out that Wes is looking for Harper’s father, and she name-drops Claire, which leaves him unsettled.

Minx has a conversation with Drill while her mom and the psychologist talk about Minx’s unhealthy obsession with this imaginary friend of hers. Drill uses the radio to tell her to “play nice.”

John Doe and the doctor make a stop at a carryout to pick up shaving supplies and she takes the opportunity to slip the cashier Claire’s business card in addition to her payment. He calls Claire’s desk number, and almost hangs up when Jessup answers and gets the tip.

Wes Lawrence talks to Harper’s father, informing him that someone from Westing Industrial (the place that blew up) was going to email him a photo. He knows what that photo is, and it’s incredibly important.

While John Doe is shaving, the lights start to flicker, seemingly warning him that something is about to happen. He looks legitimately crazy, but he gets the message. “Run.” Jessup and his men arrive moments too late to catch them.

Claire sneaks into the kitchen of the bakery where John Doe purchased something to ask if they can help her find Sean. The numbers are an account, and her husband has received payments.

John Doe and the doctor hit a used car lot to find a ride. He tells her that he needs her to take him to the place indicated by his tattoo. Nothing good ever happens once he gets there, but he doesn’t know what’s going to happen either.

Claire makes it home to see Henry. She was going to call Wes, but Wes steps out her front door at that exact moment. He knows what’s going on with Sean, and he wants to let Claire in on the details. He tells her all about what they think Sean is planning, and she says they need to think like him. She mentions his using of kids, and then name drops Drill, which causes Wes to shudder, as he’s heard that name come out of his own daughter’s mouth very recently. He tells Claire about Minx’s friend named Drill.

John Doe and the doctor make their way to this mysterious location, and just before they arrive, the doctor floors the vehicle in an attempt to escape this man with a gun.

Wes brings Claire home to talk to Minx about Drill, and Lena is none to happy about it. Claire starts to ask about Drill, and Minx tells her he’s not real. While they are having their conversation, Minx’s psychologist starts biking home in the dark. He almost hits a boy in the street, but swerves to avoid him and gets hit by a car.

Lena convinces Minx to tell Claire and Wes about the games that Drill has had her playing. Minx tells the adults that Drill wanted her to look for the treasure in some funny looking maze. She has the papers that Drill wanted upstairs in her room and offers to show them. They discover that the symbol is the logo for the Harper Point nuclear power plant.

The doctor survived the crash and ran to the fence surrounding the power plant. John Doe walks up behind her and touches the obviously electrified fence. It doesn’t hurt him, but he gets a serious look on his face.

Something appears to be malfunctioning at the plant, and the techs message Harper’s father. Harper intercepts the text they sent, and answers it. She then throws his phone in the biohazard container and then asks Drill to help her mom.

Her mom instantly wakes up, and Harper could not be happier.

Next thing we see is Henry Bennigan under his covers, begging Drill to find his dad and bring him home. He gets some sort of answer, but we are clueless as to what Drill told him with the blinking lights.

Do you think Wes and Claire will figure this out in time to stop Drill’s plans?

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