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‘The Whispers’ season 1, episode 2 recap: Playing the game

The Whispers just finished airing, so check out our recap and discuss the episodes events with other fans!

‘The Whispers’ season 1, episode 2 recap

The episode opens with a little boy in Africa playing with his toy truck. Suddenly, a fireball appears overhead and he watches as it crashes to earth a few hundred yards from his tent. When the boy arrives at the (no longer flaming?) crash site, he finds only a nameplate that says “Captain Sean Bennigan.”

Claire Bennigan is home with Henry, and notices that something is up with him. She reminds him lovingly that they don’t have secrets, and he starts to tell her about his new friend when the doorbell starts ringing insistently. Claire leaves the room to find out who is at the door, but no one is on the doorstep. While Claire is gone, Drill has sent a message to Henry. The doorbell was just a distraction.

Wes Lawrence is back from his trip to Africa and goes up to Minx’s room to ask about her knew friend, Drill, and where this friend got information about them. He soon disregards the line of questioning when Minx starts talking about adults not being able to see Drill, and children having to be ‘chosen’ to be able to see him. He reassures her that they are a family no matter what is said, and he gives her a bill from the trip he just made to Africa to pin up on a world map that has many different bills already tacked up.

Claire waits down the street from Wes’ house to follow him on his way to work. When she gets a chance, she cuts him off and forces him to slam on his brakes. She jumps out of her car to accost him in the street about Sean’s plane. Wes doesn’t give her any more info (mostly because he doesn’t really have any), but when she shows him the sketch of the man that was outside the building that one of Drill’s ‘friends’ bombed, Wes is just as confused as she is. Claire concludes that she has to find him.

The next thing we see is Sean Bennigan, the bearded dude, in a storage locker where he has tacked up any and all stories related to his plane crash and anything that seems to be a product of Drill’s machinations.

In her hospital room, Harper Weil’s mom (the woman that was sent crashing through a treehouse floor thanks to Drill) is fighting for her life as Harper talks to the doctor. Harper makes it clear that she knows what’s really going on, and then drops the bomb that Drill has told her that only he can save her mom.

Claire and her partner, Jessup, arrive at the hospital to see if Harper will answer a couple of questions. Harper begs Claire not to make her lose the game, because Drill has made it clear to her that if she loses, her mom will die. Claire tries to work around the ‘rules’ that Drill has put in place, but Harper stops before she can reveal anything Drill doesn’t want her to share. Just as Claire ends her attempts to get Harper to answer questions, the doctor recognizes the sketch on the floor.

Wes takes a trip to the office of the Secretary of Defense to get his marching orders. He is told that he needs to find out who Sean Bennigan was/is working for, since they believe he did some underhanded dealing rather than have any interaction with an invisible being or something, and what exactly happened that night.

Jessup and Claire are going over the security footage of Sean’s escape from the night before, and Jessup finally calls her out on her misgivings. He knows something is going on. Claire then tells him that she is pretty damn sure that the man they’ve been looking for is her husband. Jessup is rightfully shocked at the news.

Wes is working with his team when one of the agents finds something in the satellite images of the plane crash. It’s not much, but a figure is seen moving away from the crash site. Later, Wes gets a concerned call from Lena and he rushes home. He finds his house swarming with FBI agents, and Lena tells him that they have a warrant and something about accessing restricted files. The lead agent tells him that they’ve taken his computer to see who accessed them as Wes was out of the country at the time, and that triggers a fight between Lena and Wes. As they’re fighting, Minx comes into the kitchen and admits that she’s the one that downloaded the files.

Sean, with the doctor’s stolen wallet and keys, lets himself into her home. He digs around for something until he finds a gun hidden in a messenger bag. He takes the gun, places it on the sink, then strips down to take a shower. While in the shower, he has a vision or something and sinks to the ground, unconscious. He wakes up minutes later and grabs a pen from his bag. He starts sketching something on the floor of the bathroom.

Claire arrives at the doctor’s home, and hears noises from upstairs. She goes to investigate, and just as she enters the bedroom she sees Sean disappear out the window. Wes, who was on his way to the location thanks to an update from the agents tailing Claire, arrives moments later to see Claire chasing someone on foot. She loses Sean in a crowded public space until he allows her to see him, only to have him disappear again moments later when a bus passes them by.

Back at the hospital, Harper watches as her dad takes a call in the hallway. She goes to her mom’s bedside, and begs Drill to help her mom. He momentarily helps her mother to stir, but not fully awaken. Harper gets the idea, and asks what Drill wants her to do next.

After almost being caught by his grandma, Henry apologizes to Drill, reiterating that he knows his being ‘fixed’ is supposed to stay secret.

Minx is being lead down the dark street outside her house, carrying a blanket, by Drill. She thanks him for helping her escape, because she doesn’t want to be there. He leads her to the playground, and the same tube she first met him in. She is pouring over some sort of blueprints.

Claire finds the drawing Sean made on the floor.

Sean makes a play and hides in the doctor’s car. The last shot we see is him holding the gun on her, asking her for her help with something he has to do, and on his forearm, he has a fresh tattoo of the symbol he drew on the floor of the bathroom.

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