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Breaking down the shocking ‘The Whispers’ season 1 finale

Those that tuned in to The Whispers season 1 finale last night were treated to a very different kind of finale. Check out all the moments that definitely raised the bar for sci-fi shows to come.

When the final hour of The Whispers season 1 began, no one could have predicted the ending we were given. If you haven’t watched the season finale, consider yourself warned! Turn back now as we won’t be holding back any of the details of each crazy moment. If you want to check out our recap for all the details, head here.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The Whispers season 1 finale Game Over Cassandra Drill

The first of the big shockers in this episode was watching Cassandra, or well, more like Drill, just spontaneously combusted in the locked cell they were holding him in. Watching the little girl start glowing bright yellow and then finally reducing completely to ash was quite the shocker. Definitely not something we expected, and Drill’s death being the impetus for the mind-control that sent current and former friends of Drill into invasion-mode was an even bigger surprise.

Now we have crazy zombie-adults that attacked our heroes

The Whispers season 1 finale Game Over Claire Bennigan

We’ve been operating under the illusion that once a person transitioned out of the childhood innocence that comes with having imaginary friends, they were no longer a potential ally for Drill and his people. Oh how wrong we were! Drill not only didn’t need to be present to put the doomsday preparations into action, he needed to die to trigger all his sleeper agents into action. We were definitely not expecting an army of stern-faced adults taking our adult heroes out of commission for half the episode.

To Earth or bust for the Asteroid-ships

The Whispers season 1 finale Game Over Asteroid ships

When we pictured the invasion or whatever Drill had signaled his people to get ready for, it was definitely not at the mercy of a bunch of asteroid-looking ships posing as stars on our horizon. Watching the stars blink in and out of existence, and therefore alerting the government to the presence of ships nearby the planet was definitely trippy, but seeing their appearance to be more glowing blue rocks than shiny spaceships was a bit of a surprise.

They were destined to fail

The Whispers season 1 finale Game Over Claire Bennigan Wes Lawrence Sean Bennigan Jessup Lily Rabe Barry Sloane Milo Ventimiglia

Anyone that came into this episode expecting to see Sean, Claire, and Wes find a way to stop Drill and save Earth was definitely keeping an eye on the clock. When you get to 10 minutes left in the episode and there’s still no sign of a way to stop this horrific rapture-event from taking place, it seemed like maybe they just wouldn’t be able to save the day. That came as a true surprise, as having that many children’s lives on the line seemed like a set up for a human victory. We tip our hat to you, ABC for keeping us on our toes with that one.

Aliens don’t want our planet… they want our kids

The Whispers season 1 finale Game Over Nicholas

We should have seen this coming. We should have known back when Harper warned Claire in the pilot about a domination that an invasion of our planet is not what was at stake. Drill made no secret of the fact that children were his instruments of war, and it should have been obvious that invisible beings wouldn’t be interested in our air, soil and water. They would be after the same resource they were using all along: the kids.


The Whispers season 1 finale Game Over Minx Lawrence Kylie Rogers

She may not have had an instrumental role in this episode, especially after the craziness of her role in last week’s episode, but we cannot believe Minx’s fate. After Wes lost Lena a few episodes back, it seemed that Minx was pretty much guaranteed a spot in the safe-zone. When Wes saw Minx standing 100 yards away, it seemed even more predictable. Who would have known that he would be seconds too late to stop her from being beamed aboard the ship. Wes definitely had the roughest road, and we can only hope that Sean and Henry look out for him as he grieves the loss of his family.

The big save

The Whispers season 1 finale Game Over Claire Bennigan Lily Rabe

Claire did what just about any mother would do if her child was at stake. She pushed him out of danger, throwing herself into the arms of the aliens that wanted her son. Drill’s people won’t be happy to be one child short when they do their headcount, and it makes us more curious than ever to know what Claire and the children’s fates are. Will they be returned to Earth as hosts of Drill’s people? Will they be taken to a different planet to work for Drill’s people? Are they some sort of experiment? There is so much left unsolved, and we definitely want to know what comes next.

If we get one, what do you most want to see in ‘The Whispers’ season 2?

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