Well, Whispers fans, it seems that the final nail has been driven into our ever hopeful coffin. ABC has officially cancelled the alien drama, and we are absolutely crushed.

We all knew it was a definite possibility that The Whispers would be cancelled after its incredible, but not exactly record-breaking first season. Those that tuned in saw just how accomplished the show was, especially in creating some truly bone-chilling sequences thanks to the invisible Drill.

However, ABC officially put an end to fans’ hopes for a season 2 earlier today when they announced that the struggling summer drama would not be renewed. You can read all the reasons why we think The Whispers was deserving of a season 2.

Come along with us as we say goodbye to some of our favorite things about The Whispers.

Goodbye to all the child actors that made ‘The Whispers’ absolutely incredible (and SUPER creepy)

Goodbye Claire Bennigan: The Special Agent that fought tooth and nail for her family

Source: tumblr

Goodbye to Drill and your creepy, invisible ways

The Whispers season 1 finale Game Over Cassandra Drill

Goodbye Sean Bennigan and all your tattoos

Source: tumblr

Goodbye to Claire and all the children that were taken that we’ll never get back

And last, but never least: To the summer show that didn’t feel like a summer show. Goodbye ‘The Whispers.’ We will never forget you!

The Whispers season 1 premiere logo

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