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‘The Whispers’ season 1, episode 12 recap: Orion is on the move

Check out our recap of The Whispers season 1, episode 12, and see who Drill used to get what he wanted.

‘The Whispers’ season 1, episode 12 recap

The episode starts with a flashback to Minx having a nightmare four years before. Wes comforts her and we see him teach her “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in poem form, which includes a couple of extra lines.

Frommer insists that Minx is inhabited by Drill, but Wes is just as insistent that it is most definitely not Minx. Frommer sends Claire in to talk to Minx as an impartial judge.

Minx is sitting on a cot with a purple sleeping bag, hands wrapped in gloves and restraint cuffs. Minx is smart enough to know that whatever she says is going to just make them suspect her more. Claire tells Minx she is going to take her gloves off. Claire wants Minx to touch her and show that there won’t be a burn mark left behind. Minx doesn’t want to, so they don’t go through with the test.

The reporter that had been working with Dr. Benuvides believes Drill is actually a U.S. nuclear testing program, and is aching to release a story about the government’s role in this whole thing.

Claire then talks to Henry, and she asks him about what he saw. She needs him to be 100% sure that Minx was the one who grabbed Cassandra’s arm and burned her during the confrontation. He says he’s sure.

Silas is next on the list of children to question, so Claire, Wes, Frommer, and he take a walk. He shows them exactly what he saw the night that Dr. Benuvides was killed by the person who left the burn mark on her arm. Silas swears Minx was the one he saw that night.

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They were able to recover a log from Dr. Benuvides hard drive. It shows her digital activities the night she died. Most interestingly, someone erased whatever the last note she made was hours after her death, which was on Minx’s profile. Frommer asks Claire for her official opinion, and when Claire can only conclude that Minx is Drill’s host body, Wes is, expectedly, distraught.

Sean and Jessup discuss how they can use the reporter to press the president to release the kids as soon as possible. Sean knows if they tell the reporter the truth, he will have to call the White House to fact check everything and it will force the officials to work against the deadline.

Wes goes in to visit Minx. When Minx talks about how scared she is, Wes promises her that he’s not going to let them hurt her, and then he suggests she use their poem to calm her fears. In addition to helping her calm down, she also knows he’s testing her memories. When she tells him she can’t remember because her brain is fuzzy, she bursts into tears. Wes leaves and she reminds him that he’s her dad and he’s supposed to believe her.

As soon as he leaves the room, Wes breaks down and starts punching the cinder block wall. Claire is around the corner and gives him his privacy as he grieves. Minx and Henry’s rooms are right next to each other, so Minx starts talking loud enough so he can hear her. She begs Henry to tell his mom that she’s not Drill.

Frommer tells the president that they’ve located Drill’s host body, and he takes Minx into custody. Wes and Claire go back to see Minx and she has already been removed from the holding cell. Claire and Wes are forcibly removed from the building and they see some trucks entering the compound. Frommer is going to use the electron pulse device that Sean Bennigan was testing months before to execute her, and in turn, Drill.

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Henry hesitates before getting in the transport van, and we see Minx strapped down to an exam table in a hospital wing of the compound.

Wes and Claire make it to the White House and are trying desperately to get to the president. Wes is convinced he can explain why killing Minx isn’t the answer.

At the same moment, Sean and Jessup are talking to the reporter about code names used for the First Family, and mentions that Oberon and Olympia are the names for the President and First Lady, respectively. When the reporter doesn’t know the daughter’s, Sean and Jessup realize that it’s Orion, and she is the child possessed by Drill.

Sean calls Claire and tells her their suspicions. They then hear that Olympia and Orion are on the move, as the First Lady and Cassandra enter the hallway.

Children and parents are reunited outside the compound and Sean is there to collect Henry. Wes is trying to get through to Frommer as Minx is being wheeled into the room with the electron pulse device. She is reciting Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as they go.

Claire puts the pieces together. Drill is going to use the live feed from the press conference to broadcast the signal to his people. Claire knows that explaining will get her nowhere, so she starts running toward where the conference is taking place.

Wes drives like a madman into the gate and runs into the facility. He is frantically trying to get to Minx in time.

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Claire is taken down by Secret Service before she can stop the president from making a huge mistake. Cassandra approaches her dad at the podium and turns to face the camera. She begins a high-pitched scream. It’s the signal, and it was just broadcast live.

Wes got to the compound in time and Frommer stops the device from killing Minx with a little over two minutes to spare.

Claire approaches Cassandra and the First Lady, and Cassandra looks Claire in the eye and says, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Wes rushes in and removes Minx from the bed. He carries her outside and they look up at the stars. We see the flashback again to four years before where Minx is using the poem to calm herself after a bad dream.

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