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The ‘WandaVision’ series finale left us with exactly 55 questions

The hotly-anticipated WandaVision series finale pulled together some of the threads of Marvel’s first Disney+ series… but it also left fans with a whole bunch of questions. Here’s ours!

With fan attention reaching a fever pitch, it was pretty clear that the WandaVision series finale probably wouldn’t be able to clear up all of the questions generated over the past eight episodes. And to be fair, it’s worth noting that the show never intended to be as deep and twisty of a mystery as it seemed to many fans. Theories and speculation, while a fun and creative way to engage with television, aren’t always the point in an emotional arc; sometimes a Señor Scratchy is just a rabbit.

Still, even taking that into account, the episode (unambiguously titled “The Series Finale”) definitely left more dangling threads than many expected. Here are all of the questions that still burn in our hearts after the WandaVision series finale!

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55 questions we have after the ‘WandaVision’ series finale’

  1. Where is Wanda in the final stinger?
  2. Is it bad news that she’s studying the Darkhold?
  3. Is she actually destined to destroy the world?
  4. Or is that sort of covered when she let go of the “world” of WandaVision?
  5. Was the creation of Billy and Tommy the same kind of magic that created Vision?
  6. If not, what was it?
  7. Will we ever see the twins again?
  8. Are they actually in trouble, or is this an illusion of the Darkhold?
  9. Where did White Vision fly off to?
  10. Is he stuck with that paint job?
  11. Do his restored memories come with restored emotions?
  12. Even if he feels a connection to Wanda, will he feel a connection to the boys?
  13. So… IS it actually the Ship of Theseus?
  14. Who was Jimmy Woo’s witsec charge in Westview?
  15. Will we see Jimmy again in the MCU?
  16. Will he impress Scott Lang with his magic skills?
  17. Who was Monica’s aerospace engineer?
  18. No offense to Major Goodner, but was it really her?
  19. Who is the skrull who came for Monica?
  20. What does Nick Fury need her for in space?
  21. What exactly are her powers now?
  22. How does she feel about being a superhero?
  23. Why was Monica so upset with Captain Marvel?
  24. Where did Darcy flee to so quickly?
  25. Did she get powers from going through the hex?
  26. Will we see her again in another show, or Thor: Love and Thunder?
  27. Shouldn’t she have stayed for the debriefing? Like, that seems important.
  28. Have we seen the last of Hayward and his plots for Vision?
  29. What will happen to SWORD now?
  30. Where is that poor beekeeper/Agent Franklin?
  31. Who were the actors in the commercials supposed to be?
  32. What is the nexus referenced in the episode 7 commercial?
  33. Who left the “I know why you’re doing this” message in the episode 7 credits?
  34. Do the residents of Westview remember their whole ordeal?
  35. Did any of them get powers?
  36. Why were they all doing that creepy cultish “For the children” chant in episode two?
  37. Was that an attempt to free their kids from Wanda??
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  39. Are the Westview residents going to remember Agatha? (Because, awkward.)
  40. Will Wanda actually come back to Westview for her witchy frenemy?
  41. Where did Peter/Frank come from?
  42. Is he not actually Peter from the X-Men movies?
  43. Was he a resident of Westview the whole time?
  44. (Did Agatha force him to uh… play her husband…??)
  45. How did he have Pietro’s powers?
  46. Will he keep those powers now?
  47. Was Senor Scratchy really just a rabbit?
  48. Were all of the devil references a red-herring, or will they be important down the line?
  49. Do they still stand as a potential reference to Mephisto?
  50. Or are they actually a reference to Wanda herself?
  51. Why does the Darkhold look so different from the version in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Runaways?
  52. Were WandaVision’s references to Agents of SHIELD significant?
  53. Will there be a season 2 of WandaVision some time down the line?
  54. Reunion shows are all the range now, maybe they can do that?
  55. Will Wanda be the villain or antagonist of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?
  56. Can we please get this poor woman a therapist?

WandaVision is available to stream exclusively on Disney+! Share your lingering questions from the WandaVision series finale below!

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