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‘The Walking Dead’ Tara Chambler quotes: ‘It’s time to be brave’

When The Walking Dead fans first met Tara she was working with the Governor under false pretenses. Here are our favorite Tara Chambler quotes to look back at how far she’s come.

Tara Chambler was introduced on The Walking Dead after crossing paths with the Governor. He had lost Woodbury after fighting with Rick and was traveling alone. Although Tara remained cold towards him at the start, her family grew close to the Governor while he kept his past a secret. Eventually his true personality came back out and he led a new group, including Tara, to fight Rick.

After the battle finished, both groups were left in disarray and Tara ran into Glenn who helped her escape. Although Tara didn’t hurt anyone in the fight, she still felt guilt for a long time just for being involved. With no family left, Tara ended up joining Rick’s group. She’s proven to be both useful for help with supply runs and security as well as providing emotional support to those in need.

‘The Walking Dead’ Tara Chambler quotes:

  • Glenn: I have to find Maggie.
    Tara: Who’s Maggie?
    Glenn: She’s my wife.
    Tara: You guys got separated?
    Glenn: I was on the bus and then I got off the help and she didn’t see me.
    Tara: How do you know if she made it?
    Glenn: I don’t know. But Hershel, Maggie’s father, was a great man. And he told me all I had to do was believe, and that’s what I’m gonna do. Neither one of us should be alive, right now. She got out, so you’re gonna help me find her. Things aren’t over, they’re not over.
    Tara: I want to believe that, I want to.
    Glenn: You have to.
    –4×10 “Inmates”
  • Tara: Hope you enjoyed the show, assholes.
    Abraham: You got a damn mouth on you, you know that? What else you got?
    –4×10 “Inmates”
  • The Walking Dead Tara 4x10
  • Rick: You didn’t want to be there, that’s why I tried to talk to you. Glenn told me you saved his life.
    Tara: He saved mine.
    Rick: That’s how it works with us, right.
    Tara: Right.
    –5×02 “Strangers”
  • Tara: I was at the prison, with the Governor. I didn’t know who he was or what he could do. And I didn’t know who all of you were. I..I just didn’t want it to be hidden that I was there.
    Maggie: You’re here with us now.
    –5×02 “Strangers”
  • Tara: Hey, maybe Rosita can give you a trim while she’s at it. Party’s getting a little long in the back, or is it your source of power?
    Eugene: I ain’t slayin’ a lion anytime soon. I wouldn’t be placin’ any wagers on seein’ me dispatch a thousand Philistines with a jawbone of an ass.
    Tara: Oh, so you’ll just settle on saving the world, right?
    Eugene: Yeah.
    –5×05 “Self Care”
  • the-walking-dead-episode-505-tara
  • Tara: Come on. I know it sucks and it’s scary, but it’s time to be brave.
    Eugene: It isn’t voluntary.
    Tara: It is, when you’re screwed either way. So you cut through the choice that might help somebody.
    Tara: Come on, I’m right behind you.
    –5×05 “Self Care”
  • Tara: Listen, I don’t know what to do without D.C. anymore, but I’m not dealing with him. I’m over it, I just want him to be okay. Eugene wasn’t strong, he isn’t fast, he doesn’t know how to use a weapon. The truth hurts, but he’s useless. He had one skill that kept him living. Are we suppose to be mad at him ’cause he used it?
    Glenn: Damn right.
    –5×07 “Crossed”
  • Glenn: They got no clue we’re here.
    Tara: That’s great news for GREATM. In less great news for GREATM, we just scraped the bottom of the water barrel.
    Glenn: What’s GREATM?
    Tara: Us, group name, solidarity. Band of brothers. GREATM.
    –5×07 “Crossed”
  • Tara: My head hurts.
    Denise: On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad?
    Tara: I’m lying, I’m just checking on you.
    Denise: Well… here I am. Clueless on the floor.
    Tara: You patched people up, you’re helping make things better.
    Denise: I think he’s gonna die. And I’m so scared about what’s happening in here, that I can’t think about what’s happening out there. And that’s actually good. And I don’t know what to do with that. I just want him to live and for the roamers to go away. And for a doctor to show up at the gates so I can go back to my apartment and keep reading ‘War And Peace’. But here comes the end of the world.
    Tara: He’s not dead yet.
    Denise: I don’t know about that.
    Tara: It’s not like I don’t feel it. You know, being afraid sucks.
    –6×05 “Now”
  • The Walking Dead Tara 6x05
  • Rosita: You think this is it?
    Tara: What?
    Rosita: Do you think this place is over?
    Tara: No. I think we gotta earn it, all of us. Whether it’s waiting, knowing if everyone’s safe, dealing with that, or fighting them. A place like this has gotta have a price, right?
    Rosita: We haven’t paid it already?
    Tara: Apparently not.
    –6×08 “Start To Finish”
  • Tara: Look, if they see you and we don’t make it…
    Jesus: We’re gonna make it, and they’re not gonna see me.
    Tara: Are you kidding?
    –6×12 “Not Tomorrow Yet”

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What is your favorite ‘The Walking Dead’ Tara Chambler quote?

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