9:00 am EDT, April 5, 2018

‘The Walking Dead’ season 8: The biggest ‘what the shit’ moments

The heapsters dominate the list. Are you really that surprised?

From naked paintings and painting naked, to strange mafia-style hand kisses, The Walking Dead season 8 has had plenty of head scratching moments that made us go, “what the shit?”

If The Walking Dead season 8 could be summed up in one tagline, it would definitely be Negan’s catchphrase, “What the shit?” After 8 years and over 100 episodes of content to fill, there’s bound to be moments that stick out for one reason or another. It’s a zombie apocalypse, after all. Anything is possible. But that doesn’t make them any less strange or amazing.

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Here are the top moments from The Walking Dead season 8 that made us go, “What the shit?”

  1. Jadis wanting to paint naked Rick.
  2. Eugene kissing Negan’s hand.
  3. What is up with Jadis’ IKEA room? How does she keep it so clean?
  4. Fighting and killing is all that Daryl is good for now. Leave Dwight alone!
  5. We’re supposed to feel sympathy for Negan because of his dead wife?
  6. Morgan going full Rambo on the Saviors before reverting to his no-killing ways.
  7. Why is every doctor dying?
  8. Expecting us to remember Morales from 7 seasons ago then killing him immediately.
  9. Why did Jadis not kill Negan? Why does no one take a shot at Negan when they have the opportunity to?
  10. Eugene projectile vomiting his way to safety.
  11. Judith looks like she’s aged years, and Maggie still has no baby bump.
  12. Morgan is the latest to see dead and possibly dead people because he knows what it is. But what is it?
  13. Rick snaps some pics of Negan instead of trying to kill him. Do it for the ‘gram, Rick.
  14. Carl’s fantasy had Negan in it.
  15. Rick lied and killed everyone, even though some of them would have joined his side. Good job, Rick.
  16. How was Shiva not able to fend off those walkers?
  17. Rosita bazooka’d the patriarchy.
  18. How did Negan get a gun, flare, and pictures in a matter of seconds while tied up?
  19. Martha Stewart is alive and well in the apocalypse.
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  21. Gregory is still alive.
  22. Jadis’ walker massacre contraption.
  23. What’s with the helicopter?
  24. Carl died.

What do you think has been the biggest “what the shit” moment of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8?

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