The Walking Dead season 8 premiere is just around the corner and we’ve seen the episode! Here are a few non-spoiler teasers to get you excited!

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Daryl & Dwight:

These two have an interesting history that’s been rocky to say the least. In season 8, it’s up to these two to keep the lines of communication open between Alexandria and their new spy at the Sanctuary.

But don’t expect them to become good old pals. Their way of communicating allows for Daryl to be a bit sassy and remind Dwight that he’s not very well-liked, even if he is helping.

Daryl & Carol:

Fans that were annoyed that these two were separated most of last season will be happy to see they get to spend lots of time together in the season 8 premiere. Even though they’re in a very tense situation, it’s always fun two see these two interact.

They usually shut everyone else out, but have a very special connection. And shippers will be happy to see a cute little moment they have together.

Maggie is badass:

Maggie might be pregnant, but she doesn’t let that slow her down at all. Now that she’s basically leading Hilltop, Maggie refuses to be left out of organizing Negan’s take down.

Even when that means putting herself in harm’s way, Maggie steps up to the plate. It seems like Rick is pretty relieved to have a strong leader beside him through this as well. He knows that he can always count on Maggie to do the right thing.

Teenage angst:

Our favorite moody little teenagers aren’t left out of the episode either. Carl seems especially annoyed with his father’s newfound paranoia. And Enid seems to think she’s incapable of getting hurt.

What we don’t get to see, however, is these two interacting. They had a little bit of a romance brewing last season, but they’re also living in separate communities now, with Enid committed to staying with Maggie, and Carl helping to protect Alexandria.

‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 premieres October 22 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC!

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