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‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 war will make walkers of these 4 characters

The war against Negan is almost over. Just a few more deaths until we're in the clear.

By Katie Awad | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

The season 8 finale of The Walking Dead is almost here, and that means the war with Negan will finally come to an end. It’s time to place bets on whose fate is sealed for better, and worse.

We’ve already suffered so many deaths in season 8 of The Walking Dead, but the war is not yet over! There’s sure to be more carnage for both walkers and humans alike during the final battle in the war against Negan. Take a look below to see who we think are definitely going to die in the finale, and who’s definitely going to live to see season 9.

Death is looming


The saddest death we’ll get in this season 8 finale will be Dwight. Dwight has come a long way since trying to be Daryl-lite. He’s probably the smartest, most socially adept character on The Walking Dead (different intelligence from Eugene, but intelligence nonetheless). Few would be able to successfully pull off this double agent routine he’s had going. True, he got caught, but he had a damn good run.

His death won’t be directly by the hands of Negan, like Simon was. Negan isn’t finished with Dwight yet, and his death will likely occur due to a final attempt to help Rick and stop Negan. It’ll be a hero’s death, worthy of a man who’s risked his life endlessly for the greater good.


The fact that Gregory is still alive is baffling. This guy should have been dead episodes ago. Why is everyone keeping him around? What use does he have? The most Gregory has done all season was escape the Sanctuary and deliver the plans from Dwight. And they ended up being fake plans anyway, so does it even count?

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The clock keeps ticking on people’s patience with Gregory, for both viewers and characters. The season 8 finale is midnight for Gregory, his time has finally run out.


No matter what Carl wants, neither of his dads are going to give it to him. Carl’s dying wish was for there to be peace between Rick and Negan’s group, but it’s evident both men would much rather kill each other. Given that The Walking Dead can’t (currently) continue without Rick, that means Negan has got to go.

Negan has had a long run on this series, and more than any other villain, he’s really given Rick a run for his money. The final fight certainly won’t be easy. Judging by the way he eliminated Simon, Negan is definitely all bark and all bite. Nevertheless, Rick will prevail somehow, and it won’t be by the two calling a truce.

As one of the only, if not the only Walking Dead villain viewers have grown attached to, it’ll be sad to see Negan go. He’s been a powerful antagonist, but better to leave us wanting more than wishing he would die already.


We still don’t know what’s up with that helicopter, but Jadis seems to have some insight. Too bad she’ll die before we get to know about it.

Jadis’ allegiance is shakey, even after having lost all of her people. Odds are slim she’ll tell Rick everything she knows about the mysterious copter. The Walking Dead isn’t exactly known for providing answers, so Jadis will probably only scratch the surface on giving info about it before she dies and we’re forced to wait another season to find out anything useful.

The sun will come out tomorrow


Rick can’t die because The Walking Dead can’t continue without him (right now). There’s no way Michonne and Judith would be left without daddy, not so soon after Carl’s death.

When it comes to the war with Negan, neither men are willing to call a truce, which means we’ve got a Harry Potter/Voldemort situation on our hands where neither can live while the other survives. Do you really think Negan will kill Rick, and The Walking Dead will become the Negan show? Absolutely not. Although, the notion is appealing.


Who? Oh yeah, that guy we all fell in love with but hasn’t actually done anything noteworthy in a really long time.

Aside from the fact that Daryl is a fan favorite and people would stop watching if he died, Daryl also hasn’t done enough this season to warrant an impactful death scene. It’s hard to care about a character dying when you can’t actually remember what value they bring to the team and overall narrative. But hey, if it means he lives to see another season, I guess nobody is really complaining.


Maggie has really come into her own since Glenn’s death, even if her leadership technique has begun to change. That shift is exactly why Maggie won’t die. We’ve only just started seeing a more ruthless, less sympathetic Maggie, we don’t yet know how far she’ll go. Leader-Maggie has a lot more story left to tell.

Then there’s her unborn baby. What’s the point of Maggie being pregnant with Glenn’s baby if she’s to die before the baby is born? Would The Walking Dead really kill Glenn’s baby in the womb? Let’s assume that’s too far, even for The Walking Dead.


Sorry guys, but Eugene isn’t going anywhere. He has a lot left to give this show, even if you don’t want it.

Eugene has been part of the family for so long, this one season betrayal isn’t enough for him to be unredeemed. After Negan’s death, Rick’s group will take him back, and we’ll get an entire season of Eugene trying to curry favor with the group.

Should Eugene die now, it would eliminate conflict, and do his character a disservice by dying before being redeemed. Not to mention, there aren’t any characters smarter than him on the show right now, so he’s still useful.

Honorable Mention: Morgan

We already know Morgan won’t die since he’s slated to appear on Fear the Walking Dead. But since he’s leaving The Walking Dead, it’s a kind of death. His life here will end, and he’ll begin a new one in another state, with new people, on abother show. Fare thee well, Morgan, and nice to meet you!

Who do you think will die in the season 8 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’?

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